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_elite_icons_'s Journal

Elite Icons
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Welcome to Elite Icons

Elite Icons is a community that brings together fans of celebrities, movies and music. The community's main goal is to provide members/guests with a vast variety of creative graphics to admire/use. Everything posted here is the creation of its members, and credit will be paid where it applies. If you enjoy making icons, or any other graphic (banners, blends, avatars, animations) feel free to join or to use any of the graphics offered (just make sure you credit if you do).

The following is a list of rules/requirements for this community.

To become a member:

You must join the community and wait to be accepted by a maintainer. There are no strict requirements for this community at the moment.

To become an affiliate:

Simply contact one of the maintainers with a request. A section for affiliates will be made soon.

The community rules:

1. You may post anything from your icons, to graphics you've made (this includes wallpapers, banners, LJ layouts... etc.), to icon tutorials.

2. Please make sure that the graphics you post are your own. If you have used a texture that is NOT your own while making the graphic, make sure to give the proper credits in your post.

3. All graphics posted must be tasteful - no offensive images/text please.

As you are well aware, Elite Icons is very new and still being built. We're looking to grow as quickly as possible, so if you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please contact one of the maintainers.