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yepos im new and well all the info is under the cut.


01| Name/Nickname: Jemma/Jem
02| Age: 16
03| Sex: Yes please lol, Female
04|Location: Uk Wales
05| Hometown/Birthplace: Wales
06| Pets?: Dog, 2 fish
07|Slaves?: I wish
08| Religion: None

Love Life.
09| Boyfriend or girlfriend. Got one or both?: Boyfriend
10| Hetero, Bi, Or HomoSexual: Bi
11| If Single, why no Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: N/A

Views. Moral Stuff Ya Know?
12| Abortion: i guess it depends on the situation, Rape is one of them and if the perpson feels ready i guess is another one, but myself i wouldnt have one, but if one of my friends was going to have one i would suport her i wouldnt try and change her mind because hopefully it would be something she would have thought about long and hard before having one.
13| Homosexuality: i think that 'gay' people are more open minded i have a few gay friend sand im also bi and i get stick for it but you cant help who you fall in love with, i say good for them.
14| Premarital Sex: if you feel ready for it and if and only if your in a loveing relationship then yes but as for people ages 13-14 going and having sex i think thats wrong.
15| Drugs: ive done drugs before and i didnt like them much so i say to each there own but i dont like people going around talking about it 24/7 and when it over comes there personality thats when they need to take a look at themselfs, weed i guess is ok but anything after that i dont really like.
16| Cigarettes: its a dirty thing but i smoke and i think its dirty i wish i never stared and i really wanna give up, i think its good that there stopping it from being in public places now, it stops other who dont smoke having to put up with it.

Fun Stoof
17| Do you drive?: not yet
18| What kind/color car: i dont drive but i have my car its a silver VW Polo
19| If not, why don't you drive?: im to young.
20| Do you smoke: Yes
21| What brand/kind: L&B
22| Can i bum one?: sure ^_^
23| Do you do drugs: umm i smoke weed now and again but not to often
24| What kind: weed
25| Why do you want to be accepted?: ive had a look tho and i think that some of the girlys are lovely and im fun and bubbley and u know u want me here ^_^
26| Describe yourself in one word: crazy
27| Name 5 bands: pretty girls make graves, queen adreena, my ruin, hole, distillers
28| Name 5 movies: trainspoting, nightmare before xmas, grease, xmen 2, the crow
29| Name 3 actors/actresses: huw jackman, brandon lee, ewan mcgregor (sp?)

Scenarios. What would you do?
30| If given $100, what would you buy?:i think id prob buy clothes, make up, CD's, DVD's and fake hair stuffs.
31| If mommy gave you peanuts to feed to the squirrels, would you go to the park and feed the little critters; or hide in the bushes and eat them while cursing the rodents?: umm lol id feed the poor things
32| What would you do if a homeless man, foaming at the mouth, came up to you and asked you for your money?: wen i went to NY that happened and i gave him $10 and i felt bad i didnt give him more co zi had all these bags like tiffanys and stuff with me so i felt bad i spent all that money wen he has none

33| Are you glad this is over?: mehh it was ok i guess ^_^
34| Any other things we need to know [special talents.]: umm i love making fake hair things and doing other people hair
35| Any questions?: how are you all :p
36| DID YOU READ THE RULES?!: YES i did indeed.

hope u like.
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