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hey everyone

ok i dont wanna take up to much room on this lovely page so everything is behind the cut

01| Name/Nickname: Elizabeth (liz, lizzy poo)
02| Age: 18
03| Sex: female
04|Location: San Diego, California
05| Hometown/Birthplace: San Diego
06| Pets?: fluffy pomeranian, Dakota
07|Slaves?: yes, my boyfriend ;)
08| Religion: christian but i dont believe in organized religion

Love Life.
09| Boyfriend or girlfriend. Got one or both?: I have an adorable boyfriend named Jesse
10| Hetero, Bi, Or HomoSexual: i'm straight but its not like thats set in stone i'm very open to other options
11| If Single, why no Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: skipping along...

Views. Moral Stuff Ya Know?
12| Abortion: its a woman's decision
13| Homosexuality: i support it =)
14| Premarital Sex: not a bad thing when done responsibly
15| Drugs: i dont have to much of a problem with pot i think its just as bad as ciggarettes and alcohol but when it comes to harder drugs i think people are fucking stupid to mess with that stuff
16| Cigarettes: whatever floats your boat

Fun Stoof
17| Do you drive?: yup!
18| What kind/color car: silver 1999 mitsubishi eclipse gs
19| If not, why don't you drive?: ...
20| Do you smoke: occasionaly
21| What brand/kind: marlboro reds
22| Can i bum one?: if you ask nicely =)
23| Do you do drugs: nope
24| What kind: the kind thats prescribed by a medical dr cause i'm not dumb enough to do something that could kill me or leave me retarded for life
25| Why do you want to be accepted?: i would like to be accepted really because i was really awkward when i was younger and was called ugly on a daily basis and now that i've grown up and changed i like to do things to boost my self esteem and this seems like a good way to do that
26| Describe yourself in one word: thankful
27| Name 5 bands: the mars volta, thrice, finch, glassjaw, incubus
28| Name 5 movies: labyrinth, cruel intentions, donnie darko, eye of the beholder, moulin rouge
29| Name 3 actors/actresses: johnny depp, jake gyllanhaal, marilyn monroe

Scenarios. What would you do?
30| If given $100, what would you buy?: lots and lots of concert tickets
31| If mommy gave you peanuts to feed to the squirrels, would you go to the park and feed the little critters; or hide in the bushes and eat them while cursing the rodents?: i would share with the squirrels cause squirrels are the shit
32| What would you do if a homeless man, foaming at the mouth, came up to you and asked you for your money?: i'd give him some money and then walk away as quickly as possible

33| Are you glad this is over?: pretty much
34| Any other things we need to know [special talents.]: if being lazy is a special talent then yes i'm VERY talented ;)
35| Any questions?: nope
36| DID YOU READ THE RULES?!: of course!
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