May 2nd, 2004

cowboy up

So I stumbled across this while bored of homework...

I really gotta Some of you are straight up bitches with the comments. It's not all the time, but when you are...shit, I'm sure you've swollen up a throat or two. I know you're entitled to your own opinions and that people should be ready for the total cruelty of being rated, but damm. I mean, instead of telling people how disgusting they look, you could be a big sister and tell them how they could go about getting that guy they like, or you could at least be a little more calm and say, "Sorry, but no," instead of, "What the fuck is wrong with everyone!?!" when they give someone a 'yes' and you disagree. Honestly, those of you that totally think you're hot shit aren't really that great-looking. I'm not saying you're butt ugly, but you really aren't everything you see yourself as, which is probably why you actually see yourself as that. Oh, and I really love the grammar, especially when someone tries to make corrections on someone's post and makes like 7 of their own. I read about how some of you used to be ugly ducklings and now have more self-esteem because people that used to put you down now ask you out, so why would you ever want to make people feel as bad about themselves as those other people did you? Some people can handle all that and then some, but some...some are already deeply hurt and some of the shit you say to people probably only makes it worse. The saddest part is how I've seen some of start out nice, and progressively turn into more of bitches (yes, I spent way too much time reading this stuff today).
It's just stuff to think about. And don't bother to sass me with any "you're just mad because you're too ugly and wouldn't make it into our community..." I'm a guy, and if you accepted guys, I'd make it. I'm not full myself, but Liz'll tell you I'm a stud. I wasn't always everything I am right now, but I've never been a dick to people like that. Not just because you don't know who the swan is going to be, but because it's the right thing to do, whether you were picked on in school and know what it feels like or not. If any of you change your minds and start commenting a little friendlier, I'll be happy for you. If any of want to add a fun-loving, totally positive person to your lj friends, go for it. If you feel the need to "rate" me, since I've seen pictures of you, go ahead and ask me to post some. It won't be until a little later though, because I'm at my friends in Ventura and I live in the Bay Area, but I'll be headed home in a few hours.
Take care, Aaron
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