February 5th, 2004

he goes nothin

(i must first say i am TERRIBLY sorry i cannot lj cut)


01| Name/Nickname: amanda some people call me 'mandy'

02| Age: 18 

03| Sex: girl 

04|Location: texas, ya'll

05| Hometown/Birthplace: tx

06| Pets?: 4 dogs, 1 cat, 1 hamster, 1 leopard gecko

07|Slaves?: yes, i own several male slaves

08| Religion: aetheist


Love Life. 09| Boyfriend or girlfriend. i have a lovely boyfriend

10| Hetero, Bi, Or HomoSexual: hetero

11| If Single, why no Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: N/A

PART THREE Views. Moral Stuff Ya Know?

12| Abortion: i'm all for it. you are in control of your body.

13| Homosexuality: i fully support it. i say do whatever makes you happy. 14| Premarital Sex: well, the way i see it is, when couples marry, they usually end up hating each other and sex isnt an issue. so why not get it while you are young and still can?

15| Drugs: i've done them. but not anymore. it just makes you look like a weak human being.

16| Cigarettes: it's dirty but i still do. i'm trying to quit.

 PART FOUR Fun Stoof

17| Do you drive?: yupyupyup, like a bat out of hell

18| What kind/color car: green 97 maxima

20| Do you smoke: yup

21| What brand/kind: marlboro 27's

22| Can i bum one?: hell no! i've only got one left!

23| Do you do drugs: meh! no. i thought we already discussed this...

24| What kind: i used to toke up crazy style

25| Why do you want to be accepted?: as a pre-teen everyone said i was ugly and made fun of the fact that i was extremely 'flat' until i was about 15. yeah, ok, so i want the self esteem. ::shrugs::

26| Describe yourself in one word: artsy

27| Name 5 bands: the cure, radiohead, led zeppelin, the sneaker pimps, and afi

28| Name 5 movies: requiem for a dream, pulp fiction, taxi driver, lost souls, and resevoir dogs

29| Name 3 actors/actresses: jared leto (drools), winona ryder, and maggie gyllenhall

PART FIVE Scenarios.

What would you do? 30| If given $100, what would you buy?: ass loads of hot pink glitter, eyeliner, and clothes with lots of faux fur.

31| If mommy gave you peanuts to feed to the squirrels, would you go to the park and feed the little critters; or hide in the bushes and eat them while cursing the rodents?: i would go to the zoo and tempt the elephants with them until they busted out of their cages and stomped off with me into the sunset...

32| What would you do if a homeless man, foaming at the mouth, came up to you and asked you for your money?: i would give him one of my faux fur jackets instead, and a happy meal


33| Are you glad this is over?: heh. yeah

34| Any other things we need to know [special talents.]: i'm a huge art nerd. i paint and make assemblage art.

35| Any questions?: nope nope

36| DID YOU READ THE RULES?!: i sho did (again, i'm sorry i took up so much space) here's me:

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Thank god you got rid of that fucking survey, GOOD RIDDANCE TO IT!.
i think thats it. OH! also. My birthday is in 6 days. word to the 11th. holla !. lol
Saturday or Sunday I'll be posting pictures I took at school <3 SOOOO yeah. you can see randy and all his cuteness, and me and my perfectness. :-*
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