January 7th, 2004


Stamped (hrm... who isnt these days? :\)

:( how come so many ugly people are stamped...?

Personally I think half the stamped people, are fucking ugly ;( :|....i give my opinion.... usually no's... but I do have to say... mistressmacabre is absolutely, gorgeous... shes so unique and pretty. hah, i dont know her but yeah. she seems very nice as well...
Alright, on to the pictures! :)
You Think You Know. Just How To Read Him. Then He Throws You, Right Off Track. And All You Know, Is How Much You Need Him.......Collapse )
Ok that is all...
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made by: _pistol__  oh and that's her bo

Just a word...

Ok so one thing I've noticed...why are their so many yeses?? Isn't this an elite community? I know this community is new and needs new members but come on....I don't believe in being harsh (unless the person is totally asking for it [ie:being rude] ) but just a simple no is fine. I don't think one person has gotten rejected yet....

Oh and another thing. What is the survey there for? To determine inner beauty or just for shits and giggles?

Sorry if I come across like an snob but I mean you don't have to give everyone a yes.
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