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_elite_angelina's Journal

Elite Angelina Jolie Icon Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to _elite_angelina, the community for posting the best Angelina Jolie icons.

You must apply & be accepted in order to post here.

Members Only.

In order to participate (apply/post/view/comment) it is asked that you:
please *Join* the community first.


Viewing/Icon Adopting Members
· We moderate new members → if your current userpics aren't credited - you won't be granted access in anyway to _elite_angelina.
· Comments are required if you take anything & it's greatly appreciated if you're just passing through
· Credit is required if you choose to adopt an icon.

** Our elite members work hard for you so - If you don't credit - you will be removed as a member.**

Elite Applicants
· You must JOIN* the community first!!
· No explaination is necessary if we say no to your application.
· Please do not complain. ;)
· Don't apply if you aren't going to share at all. Posting a little is better than nothing.
· Re-apply?: please wait at least 4 weeks.

********* All Applications Will Be Screened & Will Not Appear Immediately *********

To Apply:
Copy & paste & fill out the following Here!

( Elite Application )

Elite Members
· You may post as much as you'd like. Try to make it at least 6 icons.
· 3 icon teaser (preview) maximum! (the rest placed behind a cut - please keep fake cut to a minimum.)
· Only post Angelina Jolie icons. (Did I really need to say that??)
· Make your posts 'Friends Only'!

********* All Posts Will Be Screened & Will Not Appear Immediately *********

Elite Members
· stereo_pilot
· explore
· londonbeauty001
· icon_voodoo aka neverrmore
· weneedaroom
· xxjaybabyxx
· mayrei
· notashamed
· bo_red
· nialish
· smple_tangerine
· idiosyncratic
· reowza81205

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