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Ok I want a more Spring/Summer header with Angelina. Although I love the header I'm using it's time for flowers. Are there any good pics of Angelina holding flowers or something? Any help is appreciated :-D!

I'm going to x-post this so I apologize if you see this more than once!
autumn lady parasol kehleyr
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Could you help me?

I'm trying to find the pictures from this photoshoot... (under the cut)Read more...Collapse )

I want ALL the pictures from this photoshoot so if anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it :-D! Thanks!

I'm going to post this in all the Angelina communities so I do apologize if you see this more than once!!
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Hello everyone!

 1.- Icons (20)
2.- Animated icons (55)
3.- Banners (3)
4.- Friends Only (2) 

1.Angelina Jolie
2.James Mcavoy
3.Wanted (movie)

If you take some please: 
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Does anyone happen to have any good clear pic of Angelina from the movies "Hackers?" I have a friend that is thinking of cutting her hair like that... all help is appreciated :-D!

Sorry X-posted all over the place!