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Name: Maggie
Middle Name: Elizabeth-Francis
Age: 15
Location: Bethel
Gender: Female
Describe Yourself In 5 Words: MAGnificent, MAGnanimous, MAGnetic, silly and vivacious (i ran out of MAGectives)
Hobbies/Activites: guard, dance, theater, harmonica, accordian and concert hopping.
10 Bands/Artists: here we go: Suburban Legends, Alanis Morisette, Phish, the Toasters, Jewel, Incubus, Weezer, Outpatient Zero, Nelly Furtado, and Madonna.
5 Movies: Moulin Rouge, Fight Club, Rocky Horror Picture Show, American Psycho, and Steel MAGnolias.
2 Books: Wicked and The Bean Trees
Special Talents?: I can disconnect my shoulders, and my arms just hang there all disconnected.... I guess thats not a talent. I play the accordian and speak Polish.
One Bad Habit: I'm stubborn
Goals In Life: Be a Broadway star, marry well, have a son, a son, and a daughter in that order, and eventually retire to Santa Cruz to be a writer.
What do you look for in a friend?: Someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously who I can just have fun with but know that they'll be there if I need them.
If you could change something about you, what would it be?: physically, my skin. emotionally, my clingy-ness
If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?: J.F. Winkles- One, so I could be named JF Winkles. Two, so I could understand his crazy notions. Three, so I can live in New Canaan. Four, so I can be totally babe-a-licious.
Tell us something funny because we like laughing: Ummm... When I was 3, I was ginormously fat. And I would lay down on my back, and my older sister (who was 6) would stand up her Barbies between my rolls of fat, and my rolls would hold up the dolls. I'm glad to know I was good for something.
If you could only see in one color for the rest of your life what color would you want it to be?: Yellow. Sunny days every day!
What is elephant shoes?: i love you. (manda fixed this. i love maggie so i'm allowed.)
Rant about something that pisses you off....GO!: I hate how gross my feet are. They are really pretty hideous. I have only 8 toenails, but believe me, I've got a hell of a lot of toe! Plus, theres this really thick, rough skin on my feet like an elephants. Maybe my shoes are elephant shoes, then?
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