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Name: Sawah
Middle Name: Ann
Age: 16
Location: Dan-bury
Gender: Female
Describe Yourself In 5 Words: Superb, Abnoxious, Rambunctious(hmm..spelling?), Awesome, HYPER [note: S,A,R,A,H.. thats also why im the best]
Hobbies/Activites: drawing, writing, photography, giggling, hott boy hunting, being loud<3
10 Bands/Artists: here we go: Yellowcard, Early November, Streetlight Manifesto, Catch22, The Toasters, Edna's Gold-Fish, Anti-Flag, Surburban Legends, Coheed and Cambria, and Dave Matthews<33
5 Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Donnie Darko, Big Fish, Edward Sciccorhands, and Pirates of the Carribean
2 Books: This Lullaby, and Scribbler of Dreams
Special Talents?: I can make my tounge into a three leaf clover..
One Bad Habit: Biting my nails when im stressed out
Goals In Life: to be happy

What do you look for in a friend?: someone who i can have crazy fun times with, yet someone who will be there when i need them
If you could change something about you, what would it be?: hmm. i worry too much.
If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?: Jim.. so i could know what the fuck goes on in his head.
Tell us something funny because we like laughing.: So once... me and annmarie were eating ramen noodles.. and she was slurping them through a straw... and... ONE CAME OUT OF HER NOSE! it was amazing. the end<3
If you could only see in one color for the rest of your life what color would you want it to be?: PINK! i like pink.
What is elephant shoes?: I love You<333
Rant about something that pisses you off....GO!: HAVING TO PROMOTE SOMEWHERE! *COUGH*

Promote us somewhere and give us the link:



just because i thought you would think that was entertaining.

and that one too.

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