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Name: Molly
Middle Name: Blair
Age: 16
Location: my chair, 245 Franklin St Ext, Danbury, CT, USA, North America, NorthWest Earth, Milky Way
Gender: Don't touch my penis...because I dont have one
Describe Yourself In 5 Words: I am so very cool.
Hobbies/Activites: band, choir, guard, people, fun stuff
10 Bands/Artists: The Beatles, Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional, Nirvana, Savage Garden, Aquabats, Rockapella [thank you Amanda], Eric Clapton, Elton John, Billy Joel.
5 Movies: Forrest Gump, Moulin Rouge, Harvey, Donnie Darko, Greese
2 Books: Hard Love, Tuesdays With Morrie
Special Talents?: I can make a clover with my tounge?
One Bad Habit: EVIL mood swings ::horns appear::
Goals In Life: to be happy, and die happy and loved and be on tv doing the news.

What do you look for in a friend?: Honesty, Trust, Super Coolness, and everything else stereotypical about good people.
If you could change something about you, what would it be?: My own view of myself.
If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?: The queen of England, so I can wear a crown and pretty dresses and speak with a British accent.
Tell us something funny because we like laughing.: So this one time, we were marching, and I fell in a pothole..and then there was the time I fell in Newtown..and all the other times I have fallen.
If you could only see in one color for the rest of your life what color would you want it to be?: Grey. Because then things arent just black or white
What is elephant shoes?: I LOVE YOU!!!!
Rant about something that pisses you off....GO!: On the radio, they were advirtising laser eye surgery...and they said it was $995 PER EYE. Now, I dont dont about you, but I would think I would want both eyes done so I could see out of both. Unless I was a butler or some rich man and wanted one of those one eye eye glass thingys...which I am neither a butler or a rich man. So why would someone want just one eye done? No one is going to, so they should start selling them in a package. Make it easier on us. And if we wanted to know exactly how much each eye cost if we were weird like that and just felt like knowing, then we would do the math.


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