Submarine Fleet

With the recent lineup change with Electromagnet, We have assumed the name Submarine Fleet and added Mark Linder , formerly of TESS Records' Blade Fetish, as our vocalist.  Mark was a part of Blade Fetish with our guitarist Ashkelon Sain and also contributed to Ashkelon's enigmatic Trance to the Sun, which I was also a live member of.  Ashkelon who produced Cinema Strange's recent album "The Astonished Eyes of Evening" released several albums worth of his solo material under the quasi secret name of "Submarine Fleet" which has progressed into this version of the band. 

Click to hear the latest rough studio track titled "The Vocalist"

Read an interview of Ashkelon Sain done by Lucas Lanthier of Cinema Strange from January 2003

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.:e l e c t r o m a g n e t:. will be playing Thursday April 1st at Dante's with Bozo Porno Circus and Julian Tulips Licorice

more details as they become available
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decided to join your community. your project has me intrigued to say the least. if you have anything recorded, how do i obtain acopy? i dj in new orleans and my forte' is old and new school goth and industrial, darkwave, shoegazer.. you get the drift. you may e-mail me at, and let me know.
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electromagnet LIVE

The Live debut of electromagnet Featuring members of Trance to the Sun, Sumerland, Written In Ashes and Blade Fetish

Friday March 5th @ Dunes in Portland Oregon....Show starts at 10 p.m. admission is FREE!!!

"Speed Of Light" still holds the #1 spot on the Australian charts!

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