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A dystopia (from the Greek δυσ- and τόπος, alternatively, cacotopia, kakotopia or anti-utopia) is a fictional society that is the antithesis of utopia. It is usually characterized by an oppressive social control, such as an authoritarian or totalitarian government.

Some academic circles distinguish between anti-utopia and dystopia. As in George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, a dystopia does not pretend to be good, while an anti-utopia appears to be utopian or was intended to be so, but a fatal flaw or other factor has destroyed or twisted the intended utopian world or concept

Common traits of a dystopian society:
The only trait common to all dystopias is that they are negative and undesirable societies, but many commonalities are found across dystopian societies.
In general, dystopias are seen as visions of "dangerous and alienating future societies," often criticizing current trends in the culture.
It is a culture where the condition of life is "extremely bad," as from deprivation, oppression, or terror.

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Don Rocco


So, we all know that distopias came into being as a response to utopias which were themselves meant to be a way to point out the flaws in society. Since Utopias are the father of the distopias I would not be surprised if you guy had thought up your own private utopia, that is a world where things just clicked. Would you guys mind sharing?

Children of Men

so, watched the Oscars last Sunday and noticed - on a sad note i guess - that Children of Men didn't won anything. i've never had a chance to watch this movie, though i would love to; the idea of us, humans, not being able to procreate, and the idea that a last civilization would die with us is quite... sad.
any thoughts? assuming there's people here that has seen the movie...?
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Anyone here with a paid WAYN account?

so very off-topic but i'm kinda desperate now. i'll be erasing this one in 3 days if there's no answer, no probs.


I'm trying to locate someone in there, but since I can't afford a paid account (cannot use PayPal, outside US), my search options are very limited; those with paid accounts have the full search options. If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Don Rocco

Starship troopers

aalright, i lied. but i have an excuss. i am still at work(and will be till at least midnight) but there are no functions tonight and the dishwashers know how to do there job. so here i sit, alone at the office computer unable to check my email(and yet, if i wanted to look at porn i could still do that) so i shall write my review.

the book follows a young man by the name of juna rico and switches back and forth between where he is now and flashbacks. if you have seen the movie then you know that juan is fighting a semi-seintent race known as the bugs. different from the the movie is that rico is part of a well trained and elite millitary force known as mobile infatry(mi). the flashbacks consits of various characters discussing philosophy and criticizing modern day life. the back draws a sharp line between civillian and soldier and this line is never crossed. told entirely from ricos point of view the book is not dystopia, and in fact has many of the elements of an utopia(though with an overt militaristic theme)
the story is obviously not all that important to the outhor who appears to be more concern with expressing his views on society and millitary tactices(and drilling it into your head that civillians should never ever make millitary desicions)
despite this, it was a good book and much better than the movie(which was awfull) and i fully recommened it to all of you electric sheep. but then again i agreed with alot of what the book said(Violence has never solved anything? tell that to carthage) and by the time i finished i was wishing that i had enlisted in the army instead of the navy(ship date is mid may)

time to get back to work, and sorry about the bitching
Don Rocco

never let a good thing die.

though, i admit i did my part in starving it.
well, I know that its not really a distopia. but the dark tower series by steven king does have many of the elements. the main world that it is set in is a broken shadow of what it once was. and while the hero never stops moving he never seems to get anywhere and has only one thing on his mind(the tower). its a long series but rather good.

someting else thats not really a distopia "starship troopers" i only started today, but should have a review up tomorrow. but it does bring up an interesting point. in the book citizenship(and thus voting rights) are only given to those who serve atleast one term in the millitary. if you volunteer for service they can not turn you down, they have to take you.
is this a good idea?