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November 6th, 2006]

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March 7th, 2006]

[ mood | horny ]

So I haven't posted in f o r e v e r 

How is everyone doing?
A lot has been going on in my life, wow, it's been crazy.
Good news though... I have an awesome boyfriend now, wow he is so cute and sweet, and yeah :D
I will take pics ASAP, I deff need batteries for my camera though.

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March 5th, 2006]

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March 5th, 2006]
way too much stuff going on
not enough time for communities anymore
I suck, I know.
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warden's calling for a lock down, baby [Sunday
March 5th, 2006]

[ you can change this text ]Collapse )

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March 4th, 2006]

too much school.
not enough net.
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March 3rd, 2006]

this community is dead. :[ i'm sad. i loved it here.
but i'm leaving.
Livejournal in general has kind of died...Myspace is taking over.

Sorry guys.
anyone can feel free to add me if you'd like.
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February 28th, 2006]

go to my friends only banner, and send me promotions.
As many as you would like. It will be fun. Plus
you can tell w/e community you promoted to me
that you did it and get like, points and stuff.
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February 26th, 2006]

Best Weekend Ever

  • Chelsea Christine and I went to a show at little cafe.
  • SUCKED we left.
  • Christine spent the night, no Chelsea she had to get up early.
  • Raced to little ceasers seconds before closing. . . On vicodin.

  • Woke up got ready for DRL4Collapse ), always the best show of the year.
  • Got lost a block away from the venue, called my cousin Nick.
  • Got there, Nick wanted to get my drunk. I said no.
  • Christine decided she wanted to see how many boys would buy her beer. Three did.
  • Chelsea showed up
  • Met Canadians.
  • SocializedCollapse ), listend to Music.
  • Camera died during tough call.Collapse )
  • Nick got kicked off for being too drunk during thier set so JohnnyCollapse ) played the last two songs.
  • Got punched in the face by crazy stage divers.
  • Show ended, went back to the Holiday in with the Canadians we had met that night.
  • Made out, GarretCollapse ) got a nose bleed while we were making out, it was kind of amazing.
  • Stole ballons, and flowers.
  • cuddled with Canadians all night.
  • Me and PatCollapse ) wanted to make a fort out of the under the stairs hide away.
  • finally went to bed at 7 am only to wake up at 8 to. . .
    -A beeramid
    -rockstar stickers everywhere
    -blood all over the pillows and blankets
    -clothes everywhere
    -the entire room smelling like B.O and beer
    -a broken lamp
    -a broken remote
    -beer for breakfast
    -The air conditioner on
    -ChrisCollapse ) looking like a caveman after getting hit in the face with a guitar
    -Mardi Gra ballons

    -Oh and, a kiss and blankets from a wonderful Canadian boy.

  • Got home
  • Cleaned my room
  • Slept
  • Slept
  • Slept
  • Ate Krispy Kreme.
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    February 24th, 2006]

    why is this dying?
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    mod. [Monday
    February 19th, 2035]

    sup, i don't have time for communities anymore.
    twas fun.
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    warden's calling for a lock down, baby [Friday
    February 17th, 2006]

    [ application ]Collapse )
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    MOD//sister [Monday
    February 13th, 2006]

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    "warden's calling for a lock down, baby" [Friday
    February 10th, 2006]

    ApplicationCollapse )
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    i got a tattoo for my birthday today [Monday
    February 6th, 2006]

    tattoo - i turned 18 my mom got one with me
    she got a tiny butterfly
    here is mine
    +1Collapse )
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    warden's calling for a lock down, baby; [Friday
    February 3rd, 2006]

    mandivillehorror's application;Collapse )
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    January 30th, 2006]

    MOD promoCollapse )
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    warden's calling for a lock down, baby [Monday
    January 30th, 2006]

    World Peace is in our hands, ladies.Collapse )
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    January 29th, 2006]
    I'm a cat freak.Collapse )
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    Goin through some things... [Saturday
    January 28th, 2006]

    [ mood | dumb girls ]

    Sorry I haven't been very active lately, but I have had a lot of stuff going on.
    Does anyone know of any sites with premade layouts?

    I will post my new pics asap.

    Here is one for now...

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