Challenge 2

We are on to our second challenge after a unannounced hiatus. Challenge 2 is Matthew Fox famous for being the second Dr. Shepard on ABC on the show Lost. The deadline will be like last time after the state of things right now. That means we will wait until we have ten entries. When we have I will announce a deadline giving you three more days to get in icons. Have fun!

Here are the URLs as well:

I'm Back

I won't go in to the details but these last few months have been rather difficult. I have been moving and adjusting and everything that could go wrong has, including spending a agonizing month without a computer. Anyway I am back now am I sorry for any trouble this has caused.

Unfortunatly all of this happened at the dawn of this group. It will be running again. I will be posting winners and banners shortly as well as a new challenge. I am so sorry anf I hope to see many of you return to the group.

Challenge 1 Voting

Comment with your 3 favorite, it does not matter what order. Do not ask people to vote for you, do not say which icons our yours, do no vote for yourself. Do enjoy!
1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.
7. 8. 9.
10. 11.

Challenge 1 Deadline

We now officially have enough icons to make a poll but don't worry you still have time. As promised I have made the dead line three days from now so you have until Monday, Sept. 25 at Midnight (EST) to get any further icons in. We could still use many more entries!

Challenge 1

A fresh contest for a fresh community. Since it is one of my favorite moves I have decided the first contest will be:
Pirates of the Caribbean

Rules are on the user info so check them out. Here are the Thumbnails and URLs.

Also about the deadline I am going to wait until we have ten entries once I have that I will announce it and it will be three days after that annoucment. I find this is the best way to make sure we getting enough members since this is a old community and I do not know which members are active or not (possibly none of them). Please get your icons in as soon as you can so we can get this community up and running!

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Hello Everyone!
For anyone who still reads this my name is Robyn (oooo_shiney) and have recently taken over this community. You will see some changes. Right now mainly graphic changes (We have a new banner and layout, a new promotional banner, and two new icons.) No huge rule changes except there is a 3 icon limit and you CAN NOT use icons previously posted. So I will be posting a new challenge shortly as well as starting all the promotion. I hope this will once again be a thriving icontest.