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Moving to Illinois EIU

 Greetings EIU folks, I'm retiring from the Navy in the next few months and looking at returning home to Illinois to go back to college.  I'll be visiting several colleges and universities around the state next month.  I'm curious to hear your experiences at the campus and hear about the university other than the standard spiel that comes from the staff and paid bloggers.

While I've not yet  picked a major or minor (for that matter).  I'm still debating over what I want to do for another 20 years after I spend a little breather time in college. I'd like to hear about the campus and people's impression about the community around Charleston. My wife and I are looking for a quite (and semi-normal) area to raise  a family as well as have fun as adults and as parents.  

A few off the top of my head questions for anyone to answer:

Are there any local game and comics shop in the area?

Are there any local gaming (table top games/euro games) groups in the area?

What are the seasons/weather like lately?

Has campus life been changed by the economy?

Do students get enough time to meet with their advisors and are they helpful or useless?

Are the plenty of open park areas and recreational activities other than campus activities to pursue?

If you could stay in the area and raise children would it be worth it?


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