So as most of you know, my computer and I have been fighting for a while and the internet hasn't been working. Well it's fixed now. It kind of stops working on me sometimes, but mostly it's fixed. And the only problem is, I kind of lost the document that I saved all of your points on. And for some reason I no longer have Microsoft Word. I don't know what happened. But thank god I posted your points because that's what I had saved. Unless Sara's keeping track of the points... are you? If not, then I'll go back and save them somehow and then add up the new points.

Sorry! And I'm planning on posting pictures soon. :)

<3 Allison

new kid

So everyone knows, abracadabby06 was accepted. Thanks to all who voted. Now, tomorrow I'll be announcing the new winner of the week, seeing as most everyone did the themes. Let's all give a round of applause to last weeks winners, for doing such a lovely job :)

I said that I'd give you girls until today for that +10 points for each promotion, but only 2 people took advantage of that. So I'm going to let it go until Monday, up until the time that I announce the winner.

points anyone?Collapse )