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Happy Anniversary!

For those still on here, once again we celebrate the release date of Eek! the Cat - September 12th 1992... with it lasting five years until its end on August 1st 1997.

So once again, Happy Birthday Eek! You brought me and so many others so much joy during our after school cartoon binge watching years :)
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DVD collection

I've started ordering old shows off of the website iOffer, checking it recently I see it offers a complete dvd collection of Eek! The Cat.

Now granted, the shows I've ordered from there before are decent though not high quality, but when there is no other option for rewatching old shows... I'll take it.
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Favorite Episode?

Name your favorite episode.

Off the top of my head (been too long since I last watched this show), I'm thinking either Pup Fiction or Lord of the Fleas. Hmm... both parody episodes, goes to show how great Eek was with that ;)
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A few years ago internetjello made us all moderators of this community rather than delete this place. Unfortunately there hasn't been much activity since then and many of the people who were active at the time no longer are.

Removed the moderator status from the other users and left myself as the sole mod, I think it's less confusing and considering the activity in this place anyways it likely isn't something that's going to piss anyone off - especially since none of us requested the responsibility at the time.

I hope at some point we can revive some interest in this community, Eek! the Cat really was one of my favorite shows while growing up.
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I realize this community is pretty much dead, however I don't think that's a ticket for spammers to post nonsense medical advertisements. So goodbye 99loze. I didn't notice your previous post but I sure did see your recent one. Someone sic Sharky on the guy if he bothers anyone again :)
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