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..::Edward Elric Fans::..

For he deserves it

~*Edward Elric Fans*~
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Hello, and welcome to _edwardelric_, which seems to be Live Journal’s most thriving and expanded Edward Elric shrine!

Why should you join?

*Do you find yourself often daydreaming of a certain blonde (not short) someone?
*Do you randomly draw pictures of Ed all over your homework and schoolwork?
*Do you start endless rants to your friends/parents/or anyone else near by who really doesn’t care?

Then this may be the place for you! :3

+ Post rants, pictures, fan arts by you, fanfics, icons, etc. as long as they have to do with Ed.
+ Meet other obsessive, or minor fans who have similar interests as you.

Even if you are not an 'otaku' or obsessed and just are a fan of the show, we’d love you to join.

This community was started by aquabeauty3 (now known as _shamballa) due to her love and devotion to dear Edward Elric, and is now assisted by tomato_uchiha (formerly xxshadouaijinxx), as well as kuchenhexe and inugrlrayn. Hopefully, due to what seems to be the growing popularity of the community, we will have more mods as well.
1. Please, no introductory posts
2. Keep it on topic.
3. Don't post to bash Ed or Fullmetal Alchemist.
4. Be polite to each other.
5. Take part in the community's monthly icontests! (Not a real rule. I'm just encouraging you to do so.)
bleachmangatest + rumble_awards

If you want to be an affiliate, make a comment on any entry! ;P