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Catching Up on Old Times (Ed x Winry)

This was done for the fma_fuh_q community. Riza Hawkeye is the person to write stories about this month. I have written 1 so far.
I actually wrote the vast majority of this the first night, but it took me 4 more days to get the sex scene right. :) (And this is my first Het fanfic, so be gentle) :)

Title: Catching Up on Old Times
Author: SeaweedOtter
Genre: Fluff, I guess
Rating: Hard R
Pairing: Winry x Ed
Spoilers: None, really. Set early in the anime, between Episodes 8 and 9, when Winry comes to visit Ed for the first time, after the Barry the Chopper. I hope it comes out ok. Especially because this is a pretty popular pairing. I hope I do it justice. Oh yeah, and the characters are *SO* not mine.

Ed still had his head in his hands. It felt like it was 20 pounds heavier than usual, and besides, he really didnt want to look Winry in the eyes right now, after what had happened yesterday. His hands still shook, thinking about how close he had come to death...
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[2] Negima
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[5] Fruits Basket
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I need an Edward!!

Title: Fantasy Cruises
Series: Multi-Fandom
Genre: post-game/movie, pre-game/movie, crossover, etc.
Format: Primarily journal, although AIM logs (posted to the community) are accepted
Rating: Acceptable for all ages

((modlies please don't hate me for posting this here! x.x I need an RP is not complete without him ;_;))
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50 Bases ~ part 5 (#201-250)

Hi !
Here is part 5 with 50 FMA bases
If you´re wondering where the bases are from: It was the Reflection special !

Spoiler warning:
As it is the Reflection special there were some scenes from the END of the series !!! So if you haven´t seen the END of the series yet, it´s better when you don´t click on the link ! (^^;)


(that´s what we get for our sins~)

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