stop touching me (isiteggs) wrote in _edwardelric_,
stop touching me

Crappy painted fan art, yay!

My first post here :D

So, okey, I drew a picture of Ed in 1900's clothes. 'Cause I'm a sucker for old fashioned clothes. <3

This isn't actually the "real" thing -- I made a copy and painted it (rather badly) to see what colors fit and such. I haven't started on the original yet, so I just decided to post the second one here. Eventually I'll edit this post and show you the real one :P The ugly writing that says "BUGGER OFF THIS IS MY FAN ART NOT YOURS" "Copyright to Tyan" is there because people have stolen my stuff before and it's kinda' annoying. :P

Hope to get some comments ^_^
Yes, I know his skin is -yellow-. It's not going to be on the real one, so there.

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