October 19th, 2005

Koki-kun  - WTF?!

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I feel very stupid, but not alone at all.

I had no idea how many people actually liked Fullmetal Alchemist. A few days ago, in math, i saw Lia's shirt. It was an fma shirt! i was thinking "omg, she likes that show too?" then today, this kid in my spanish class, i think his name is danny, he had an fma sweatshirt on. i saw the front of it when he stood up and it had a transmutation circle on it and i thought "huh, that looks just like a transmutation circle....funny" then i see the back when he turned around. It had the same symbol that's on the back of ed's jacket. again i thought "huh, that's funny" then he sat down, and i saw his arm. it said fullmetal alchemist on it. i felt so stupid. of course that's what it would be! ugh. just then, i felt like hitting myself in the head with my very heavy spanish textbook.

A few days ago, molde left me a comment on my myspace. she said she like the show and ed too. i was shocked. amazed really. i had no idea so many of my friends liked this show too. Yuri likes Inuyasha and fma too!!! So does Regine. actually, i'm not so sure. i know she likes cardcaptor sakura, which i liked a few years ago, when it was on the wb. i saw the original versions tho(thank you netflix!i love free trials!)), when they were on in japan with subtitles. so much better. what was up with the dubbing that company did? it sucked. anyway, off-topic. so i was saying, regine might like fma too, but it doesn't matter.

okay, so here's all the anime i have EVER seen.
started watching this recently, very good. kagome and inuyasha belong together, DOWN WITH KIKYO!!!! lol sorry if i start ranting, it's what i do
you know what i think of this: LOVE!!
~CardCaptors(it's name when it was dubbed and showed here):
okay, not the best
~CardCaptor Sakura(Japanese version):
Very good. i thought it was cure how Shaoran liked sakura and she was obsessed with ..uh.... crap. it started with a "y". his alternate... personality? was yue. all i remember is his name here was julian. anyway, sakura liked him, but then she started liking shaoran
~Tenchi Muyo:
it was okay, i liked Ryoko. hee hee i only saw the first season-thing, i didn't see the series when he was in tokyo
~Gundam Wing:
I LOVED this show.... Heero and Relena were meant to be. he is so cute. she's so pretty, altho she does some weird things. (need i meantion the antarctic incident?? follow him much? lol, jk)
~Sailor Moon:
I liked this show. Serena (usagi) had a very annoying voice, but i still liked it.

Keep in mind, many of these shows were watched by me when i was much younger, altho i did rewatched some of them. i have a LEGAL program that allows me to download old episodes, so i used it to see these episodes. They didn't have many cardcaptor sakura shows tho, which i why i rented a few from netflix. i also rented some inuyasha discs too, like the movies. all very good btw!!!

wow, long entry, for me anyway.
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