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..::Edward Elric Fans::.. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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*yays* [27 Sep 2005|11:12am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well I just found this! I had no idea there was a commuinty deicated to Edo! I'll post stuff up in here when I get home, however I'm at school right now so...it's a little hard with all the blockers they put on the computers. But a link to my fan art, that's mainly Ed anyways is http://kamuiyamato.deviantart.com

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Mod Post [27 Sep 2005|01:43pm]
I'm in the search of a co-mod. Please, apply by commenting on this entry saying why you wanna become one and we'll consider all applications. Thank you.
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[27 Sep 2005|05:40pm]
[ mood | creative ]


I drew that the other day. Could anyone colour it for me because I am a lil' amateur?

[x]posted to fm_alchemist

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[27 Sep 2005|07:23pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

As requested episode 13 screencaps..sorry they took so long, i've been working on my Rewrite video ->tribute to Edward Elric...if youd like to see the begining (well i'm almost done but yar xD) just say so in the comment and i shall send it to you via AIM

on to the screencaps!!

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Color Request [27 Sep 2005|09:25pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Flame_Butterfly ealier asked for a piece of her Art to be colored, so I did! ^^
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/23413477/ there is the link, I hope you enjoy it hun!

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