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I played DDR for about 45minutes. Not too long because I wanted to get on here and create a community.

But in half an hour I did 1974 steps and burned 141.56 calories. It was on random and kept giving me some slower songs so I wasn't moving as fast as I would've like. Still, this is when I realized just how great DDR is. I have so much fun playing and I'm working out!And I love that I actually have to challenge myself to get better and better at being on beat and geting all the arrows and so forth. It's awesome. I've also found that when I think I'm going to binge, If I just turn it on, and bump the music it will pull me right in and I will focus on the game rather than food. Definetely comes in hand when I am stressing, fasting, or just ready to eat everything my fat ass sees. Anyway, i've been thinking of how great DDR really is and how many people have been asking questions about it. So, I decided to create an ED based community for DDR &herats;ers. Hopefully this community will be as awesome as I'm imagining.

The new community is ed_ddr. It is moderated membership (I feel a little more comfortable with it that way). I am also looking for a co-mod, preferably someone who actually knows about DDR, knows how to play DDR and really really enjoys DDR. Join. Join. Join!

P.S - If this isn't allowed, I do apologize. Let me know and I will take it down.

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NAME ; Miaka
AGE ; 20
SEX ; Female
HEIGHT ; 5'4.5"
BMI ; A most massive 22.3
DEADLINE ; Christmas
DEADLINE ; May 24th, 2007; My 21st birthday.

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I dont really know where to begin, my journal really explains all of it....


Last year I got down to somewhere around 132-135... I was deeply depressed and didnt eat for a week straight and before that I barely ate at all. I forced myself recover because I was so scared of becomming anorexic or killing myself. I was on a downward spiral and ended up in the hospital a week later because of my dillusions and psychosis. I hadnt eaten in maybe 2 days before that. They took my blood and knew something was up. They diagnosed me as "unspecified eating disorder, depression..." and prolly some other fun stuff. I ate a lot while I was there... I binged and really havent stopped since then. From 132 to 173... disgusting.

I do not purge, I never have. But I binge a lot. I dont feel full too often, I love the way food tastes.

The last month Ive been struggling to do it "the right way" But I truly believe I will never be capable of being normal with food. I fast on Mondays. I exercise... very little maybe half the week. I have written out an entire plan...
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i've been struggling with my e.d. for the past year...


i pretty much have lost track lately, and gained close to 20 lbs since last christmas...

i want to be skinnyskinnyskinny...

does anyone have any type of plan (cals+exercise included)...

any type of advice would reallyreally help me out. i want to be excerising to tone, so my cals will probably be higher than some would be comfortable with...

i just want to lose weight AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. i am desperate.
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I've just re-started the Self  "Reach Your Goal" program thing. I want buddies on it though because right now I don't really have any! So if anyone is interested, or if anyone is already signed up please tell me so we can be buddies!

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Anyone here in college and find it really hard to not eat??? I've gotten sooo far behind since I've gotten to college. I mean, I don't eat a LOT, but my cousin wants me to go with her to the caf like at least twice a day... and I don't want to just not go with her.

I'm REALLY going to try to get back to where I used to be. Also, anyone know of any diet pills that work really well? I tried hydroxycut but I wasn't too impressed!

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Just little ol' me again. I am going to pick up a bottle Super Calcium 1200 with Vitamin D, and probably some Flinstone vitamins. What other vitamins should I look out for? I've never been good at this type of thing and since I wont be eating for atleast three weeks I need vitamins. Also what do you guys think about green tea and caffeine pills? What exactly do they do and how do they help? What are the best ones? I am trying to get off drinking coffee for my teeth. But I need the caffeine, I'm just not sure what to get. Please help me out ladies ;\

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i have this pain in my neck nd calves. It's not horrile but still painful. Has anyine ever experienced this while fasting? I never have. This is my third day on a water fast. Nothng but water. I've never experience this on a fast. I usually allow juice, does that make a huge difference? I have no clue if my fast is causing the aches, any clues?