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Editors, formerly known as Snowfield, hail from all over the country but settled in Birmingham in the autumn of 2003. the new band found themselves with a clutch of tracks that will form the basis of their debut album, due later in 2005.

Drawing on their love of early REM, Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen, Editors honed an identifiably English sound focused on the grand themes of love, loss and redemption.

Editors exist to challenge perceptions and preconceptions, hence the name. Taking the fractured hopes that are the mainstay of life in the modern world as a starting point, the band’s songs tread a line between the some time futility of life and the constant possibility of redemption and better times. Avoiding a didactic approach to his lyrics, Tom creates dramas without resolution, allowing the audience to bring their own experiences and conclusions to the songs. What the listener believes his songs are about is as important as what he originally meant to say. This is a literate band in a great British tradition dotted with such names as Morrissey, Ian Curtis and Guy Garvey amongst others. Editors’ songs delight in the ambiguous, nothing is as it seems and the simplest line always packs the biggest punch.


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photographs by ami barwell

click here to view the editors video for "bullets"
click here to view the editors video for "munich"
click here to view the editors video for "blood"

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