Hey..New Here...

Hey there...My Name is Samantha
I live in New Mexico
I'm gonna be "of" age in about 3 years
I've been edge for as long as I can remember..I have seen too many get messed up on drugs and alchohol to want to do any of it
SOME of my favorite bands are:
-Avenged Sevenfold
-30 Seconds to Mars
-Say Anything
-Def Leppard
-The Used
-Ozzy Osbourne
-Bullet For My Valentine
-Bullets & Octane
- Job For A Cowboy
-New Found Glory
-Cradle of Filth

....and...lots more..but..I think the list is long enough

I enjoy being drug free and I am trying my hardest to get my friends to be too..but..not exactly workin' out..

ok..i'm done


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please help me find this...

i am looking for a certain straight edge hat..
cant find it anywhere..
i saw it on a video i bought and a guy in the crowd was wearing it...
its a black hat with a embroidered looking x on the front..
it was way hot looking...
if anyone has this or knows where i can get one please let me know..

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my name is justin
i live in yorktown va
i go to thomas nelson community college.
just started tues.
like it so far.
i have been vegan for over a year.
i have been straightedge for a little over a year too.
my current favorite bands are: blood for blood, have heart, champion, terror, blacklisted, set your goals, kids like us, sheer terror, and blue monday.

stay true...and for gods sake stay alive XXX
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me and asa

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Im Monica
Im 15
I live in arkansas
I've been edge for about 8 months.

favorite bands:
bleeding through
job for a cowboy
as I lay dying
see you next tuesday
fear before the march of flames
ed gein
the red chord
umm and alot more.
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hey kids

im jamie and i just joined

im veganstraightedge
ive been veg for over 4 yrs and edge for 2
ummm im 16
i do photos for local and signed bands in florida, or bands touring through florida

if you want to know more, checkout my myspace.



Hey. My name is Connor. I live in Ann arbor Michigan. I'm 14 years old. I've been edge for a little more than than a year. It has been a big struggle because my sister and my mom both do drugs and so telling them that I'm edge was difficult. My sister and my moms drug use helped influence me to become edge, also the fact that my fathers alcohalism split up my family helped too. Some of my favorite bands are:
-norma jean
-armor for sleep
-funeral for a friend
-from first to last
-as I lay dying
-death cab for cutie
-a static lullaby
-the blood brothers
and many others. yea...so now i'm here.......
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tears of autumn

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hey i jst joined =_edgecore_ ive been straight edge all my life im 14 my names aj i live in new hampshire umm some favorite bands are underoath , as i lay dying , norma jean , the chriot , the blood brothers , TEARS OF AUTUMN my band tht i play bass for and i am also a screamer for tht band i like alot more also
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Hello... i finally figured out how to post to the community.. Here is my info i was told to post....

Name:Christine Reid (but my friends call me Chris, or Blondie)
Location: Eaton Rapids MI.. (it sucks here.. really.. no good shows... )
Age: 15 (turning 16 in October)
How Long I've Been Edge: umm.. Before knowing what edge was, i guess forever, cause i have always wanted to be drug and alcohol free.. But actually knowing what it is and claiming edge, a couple of months.. not sure exactly...
Favorite Bands: .. this could take a really long time, so i am only going to put some of them.. i am later going to put all of them ina post. so here goes (no particular order)
-Norma Jean
-As I LAy Dying
-Death Cab For Cutie
-Strung Out
-Breaking Benjamin
-Minor Threat
-Hidden in Plain View
-The Letters Organize
-Death before Dishonor
-A Thorn for Every Heart
-AMber Pacific
-Against ALl Authority
- many many more.. i dont feel like listing them all... yeah...
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