my return from the hell (Texas)

I am officially returning to Massachusetts on either the 29th or the 30th. My readmission into Hampshire college is contingent on my seeking a therapist every week AND having appointments with a nutritionist. Honestly, I do not want to give up my ED for good-- at least not until I lose some more weight. I'm afraid that when people see me, they'll notice the 10-15 pounds that I've gained and say I look "healthier" which will mean "fatter" and I'll of course have to say "thank you" without visibly cringing.

Will anyone in the Amherst area next semester? I'd like to have meetings to commiserate, chat, drink coffee, maybe even do some group exercise. I probably won't have a car, but I <3 buses. :)

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This weeks weigh in:

Name: jessica
Progress:-2.5 pounds...

Well I went back from eating 500 calories a day to eating more healthy to 980-1130 cals a first I gained a pound then started to healthily lose weight. I'm doing pretty good and I have energy. Before I couldnt even breathe it took energy to do it. Leave comments...any advice ill take.

I dont get why it takes so long to lose weight i only lose like a pound every two weeks.or a pound a week then another pound in another 2 or 3 weeks. its messed up.
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-=x([ Introduction])x=-

-=x([Name: Jess
-=x([Age: 17
-=x([City + State: Braintree,MA

-=x([ED: ednos, restricting
-=x([Doctor or Self-Diagnosed?: self a few months

-=x([Height: 5'6"
-=x([CW: ergh. 123
-=x([HW: about 139
-=x([LW: 117(4 years ago)

-=x([GW 1: 120
-=x([GW 2: 117
-=x([GW 3: 114-115

-=x([Current Plan (if any): 700 cal a day, to start...then wanna try to go up to 800-900 trying to be healthy i was eating 500 cals a day and got anxiety real bad.

-=x([Favorite Color: at the moment, lime green
-=x([Weakness: um, food?
-=x([I Have A Habit Of: being anxious getting panic attacks, scared im not getting enuff food.