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new :)

-=x([ Introduction])x=-

-=x([Name: Elisabeth
-=x([Age: 17
-=x([City + State: Longmeadow, MA

-=x([ED: originally anorexia nervosa, which then evolved into bulimia
-=x([Doctor or Self-Diagnosed?: doctor

-=x([Height: 5'6"
-=x([CW: 150
-=x([HW: 150
-=x([LW: 93

-=x([GW 1: 135
-=x([GW 2: 125
-=x([GW 3: 114

-=x([Current Plan (if any): Eat around 1200 kcal/day. Run at least 3 miles/day. Try not to restrict as to prevent binging (which caused weight gain in first place).

-=x([Favorite Color: blue
-=x([Weakness: carbs!
-=x([I Have A Habit Of: Eating too little during the day, b/ping at night.

-=x([Open to Adding?: yes

-=x([Photo of Yourself (optional): no thanks
-=x([Thinspiration photo/quote: You can never be too rich or too thin! (although we all know that you can be too thin, as told by us by hundreds of doctors :)

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