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Dec. 12th, 2007 | 12:13 pm
posted by: jsuis_snob in _ed_newengland

-=x([ Introduction])x=-

-=x([Name: Marie
-=x([Age: 18
-=x([City + State: (I am actually currently living in Montréal, but am origionally from Massachusetts...I hope I'm still welcome.  My parents still live in Massachusetts so I'm there quite frequently.)

-=x([ED: Anorexia (with bulimic tendencies)
-=x([Doctor  or Self-Diagnosed?: Self

-=x([Height: 5 feet 5 inches.
-=x([CW: 115
-=x([HW: 145
-=x([LW: 110

-=x([GW 1: 110
-=x([GW 2: 105
-=x([GW 3: 100

-=x([Current Plan (if any): Not sure ... fasting for the moment. 

-=x([Favorite Color: Green
-=x([Weakness: Coffee Cake
-=x([I Have A Habit Of: Being fat.

-=x([Open to Adding?: Of course!

-=x([Photo of Yourself (optional):
-=x([Thinspiration photo/quote:

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