May 6th at Fubar!

Nato Coles: former frontman for Modern Machines and Used Kids. from Wisconsin. known to play a Springsteen or Tom Petty cover or talk your head off about Hukser Du.
Sister Kisser: from Brooklyn. on Dead Broke Rekerds. Gruff and melodic. like if you found Green Day's 'Dookie' out in the street all scratched up but you could still play it in your CD player.
Rational Anthem: Midwest pop punk from Sarasota. like Dillinger Four with female vocals
Porch Fire: tampa bay pop punk made by fans of screeching weasel and pinhead gunpowder
Russ Van Cleave: singer/guitarist of Tampa's, The Tim Version. fans of Hot Water Music, The Replacements, Merle Haggard. yep.

Need a job ?!

There are awesome full-time and part-time jobs available for the summer in the Tampa/Clearwater/St. Pete/etc.

The gig is circulating petitions for a ballot initiative for more fair elections in Florida... to end gerrymandering by non-partisan redistricting. It's a really awesome political issue. They're re-doing the districts in 2011 anyway, so the petition is to get them to use the new census information and already established city, county, and geographical boundaries to draw up the districts. For example, instead of a city being split into 2 or 3 districts with neighborhoods all split up, and areas 200 miles away being in the same district... the city would be in 1 district and those rural areas would be in their own district... things work better for everyone!

So, 1.2 million signatures need be collected and we need to give a lot of people jobs. $10-17 typical pay!

If you or someone you know wants a job email or call Christina at (813)408-9237