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The Early College at Guilford [entries|friends|calendar]
The Early College at Guilford

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LAST MOVIE NIGHT OF THE YEAR [Posted on Tuesday, 05/09/06 at 7:12pm]





[Posted on Friday, 10/21/05 at 3:20am]

Hey, you jerks, I'm coming home for Festivus. Start commenting my crap to get my attention, and I'll try to actually hang out this time around.

This one is Zippo, and Zippo is tired of living in a fishy land of strangers. I think I'll be returning for good this summer, and may actually be able to transfer to Guilford (if they give me enough money).
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[Posted on Wednesday, 10/05/05 at 10:59pm]

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Passages! [Posted on Sunday, 09/25/05 at 9:11pm]

For those of you that don't check your email:

There is an interest meeting for Passages tomorrow from 4:00 to 5:15 in Ms. Echols's room

(You can skip this paragraph if you read the email)
Passages, if you don't know, is an organization that will "teach" creative writing to girls in group homes, in a way that is unschool-like and basically more fun. The idea is get the girls excited about, or at least just vaguely interested in writing, as it's essential for pretty much anything they may decide to do in life. Writing will open up many opportunities in the girls' lives, if only because they will begin to realize they may have potential in something. Also, writing improves communication skills, which is something that these girls would benefit from greatly, as many of them have a lot to say, but don't know how to say it. While that may sound completely over-ambitious, the main objective is to give them a starting point to which they will actually respond.

Note: While club membership for this club is aimed primarily at Early College girls, if enough boys are really interested in something like this, I will try to open opportunities for you.
You just have to understand that a lot of these girls have been abused by men in their lives, and have a very difficult time opening up around other males.
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For Movie Night [Posted on Wednesday, 08/31/05 at 7:00am]

Any suggestions of movies that are appropriate? All this 'Anchorman not allowed' crap is getting to me.

[Posted on Monday, 08/15/05 at 1:31pm]
who is going to the ice cream social thing tomorrow? i don't know if i want to go...
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The time has come... [Posted on Monday, 08/08/05 at 7:12pm]
Who's ready for school to be back in full swing?
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Reading List [Posted on Sunday, 06/26/05 at 10:51am]

I think the whole school received the list - under the optional reading list is a book I reccommended (Nurtured by Love). It's a wonderful book about violin teaching, though you can apply pretty much everything he says to your life. I would give it a go if you have the time. It's just like 130 pages.

Feel free to talk about other books on this post.

P.S. - IT'S PROMOTION TIME! How about a contest? Whoever either makes the coolest banner for ECG to use as a promotion, or gets the most ecg'ers (or former ecg'ers) to join wins... something special.
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[Posted on Tuesday, 06/14/05 at 3:53pm]

Happies: Making incessant fun of Dr. Scott, college classes being absolutely incredible, sleeping late on Fridays, classmates that care about learning, professors that care about teaching, graduation IN THE SHADE, tulip poplars in April, Guilford College just being an incredible place to be.

Crappies: Big decisions and work in the year ahead of me, losing touch with senior friends, a much bigger divide between juniors and sophomores than sophomores and freshman or juniors and seniors, really a lot less is crappy as a junior than it was as a sophomore-- there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
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happy/crappy i will do it! [Posted on Monday, 06/13/05 at 11:29pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

happies: eating lunch outside, the new piano in bryan jr., making a few new friends, when the sprinklers were on in PE, the last few days when teachers honestly didn't even pretend to teach, that bass at graduation, my frog, the macroeconomic carnival.

crappies: getting the APUSH books in may/june, always getting Cs on spanish II tests [because i SUCK], the underground, always getting to school late, i'm on probation?

i think this year has definitely been more happy than crappy. especially the last few months. i was just really content with everything.

you should participate, too. whoo!


WAKE UP MAN! [Posted on Monday, 06/13/05 at 7:15pm]

Ahhh so this community's pretty crappy right now, isn't it. I blame myself. :(

I miss the ecg folk right now.

So let's do some happy crappies of this school year. It's pretty self explanatory, it's where you say your crappiest moment (or set of moments) from school, followed by your happiest.

Crappy: Schoolwise, it was probably getting Fs on all my Environmental Science raw scores over and over and over again. It was enough to bring a ninja down.
Happy: Probably Mr. Chamra's class, when me, Josh, and Sarah were on the Fireballs for football and I drew all over my calves every day. Good times, man.

SHARE. You can be broad or uber specific. :]
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Movie Night This Friday [Posted on Wednesday, 04/13/05 at 1:41pm]

When: This Friday (April 15th) from 6:30 - 9:30
Where: Bryan Junior Auditorium
Featuring: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Bring: Canned food and friends

Hope to see you there!

[x-posted in my jrnal]

do you really need a title? [Posted on Thursday, 03/31/05 at 12:21pm]

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I know that isn't really relative to the rules of posting, but I felt I needed to.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Catherine Knisley

ecg [Posted on Monday, 01/03/05 at 9:30am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

This weekend I spent some time at Guilford. I miss you!!! I love that school. Some of us went to get some drinks from the vending machine. I hugged guys door.. haha. Then in the vending machine room I pushed the two little tables together and made kenny sit to the right of me. We were also drinking mello yellos. I swear it was just like being right back in apush. I could see everything just like it was back then. Then we got up and joined the rest of the group. Me and Vince passed the advanced writing room door, and I also hugged this one. We briefly reminisced about the door... how it was always locked and we had to wait outside. It was so cool. Then we walked outside and I just looked around at everything. I miss it so much. I miss it more than anything I have ever missed. I miss it more than I ever thought I could miss anything. I want to go back. Even if I'm not enrolled there I want to go back and just sit in the middle of the campus. Bc I don't want it to end. But it did, and I really need to accept it. Going to that school makes me so sad and yet so happy. Bc I remember all the great amazing times I had and now it makes me sad that they are over. So its kind of ambiguous. Guilford College will always be home.



Ninth Grade Memories [Posted on Wednesday, 12/08/04 at 9:42am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

When I wrote my tenth grade memories awhile back I said that I would eventually come back and write my ninth grade memories.  Well, here ya go...

My ninth grade memories...Collapse )

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It's all so different. [Posted on Wednesday, 12/01/04 at 6:28pm]
My name is Leah, I think most of you know me, but whatever.
I've been at ECG for... a little less than 4 months now.
However, I've been "watching" it for the last three years.
Ever since the school opened.
(Sarah's fault.)
Anyway, I used to hear crazy stories about people running around
with their shoes off, people playing magic in front of doors,
people making out a lot, sitting on the couch in the White House,
trying to fit thousands of people on the couch, etc.
Anyway, I've just been noticing how different everything is.
We're getting closer and closer to being a normal school, just harder.
It's kind of scaring me.
I came to ECG because I didn't want the "high school experience."
Regular high school's weren't designed to fit the needs of a "wallflower."
I also came here because I knew (hoped) it would help me get into a good college.
I'm not rich. I'm not really even THAT smart. Not compared to most people.
I say stupid things, and I have trouble understanding math,
but ECG gives people like me a CHANCE in life.
A chance to get into a nice college,
earn scholarship money,
and go on to do "good things."
I never had my hopes very high for what I wanted to be when I grew-up.
Not a doctor or a scientist. Or anything that great.
I just wanted to succeed in life, be the best I could be,
and help some people along the way.
I think Early College really gives everyone a chance to be all they can be.
Sure, it's hard. Sure, I HATE having so much work. (I know, I'm not even in 10th grade yet.)
And yeah, People are stupid. Some of the freshmen (yes, I'm a freshmen) are not so bright.
They do stupid things, but when all of us were freshmen, we did stupid things.
Life goes on.
I wish it wasn't so different.
I wish we had a math teacher that was able to teach everyone like they want to be taught.
I wish we could stop being kicked out of places.
I wish we could listen to ANYTHING.
But that's not possible.
I don't know where I was going with this,
but it's just different.
What do you guys think?
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[Posted on Sunday, 11/14/04 at 1:04am]

What ever happened with the math teacher dealie?
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Ain't no party like a pheonix party [Posted on Sunday, 10/31/04 at 12:09am]

Mothman was a TOTAL success! Huge props to Paige on her efforts! Also, the dance was to die for. We had a great turn out, 100+ I heard, but I want to see more people at each of these events in the future.
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MOVIE NIGHT! [Posted on Wednesday, 10/27/04 at 11:29pm]

6:30 - 9:30 PM

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Tenth Grade Memories [Posted on Wednesday, 10/13/04 at 12:44pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hmm what more could I say about ecg...

Perhaps this would be a little easier if I actually went there. Well I'm sure I can think of something...

Okay well maybe I'll retell my 5 favorite ecg memories.... Yeah that sounds fun. AND- they won't be specifically a single event, perhaps they will be something I did every day but i really liked it. Here goes...

7- The AP Tests
Call me crazy but I actually had a lot of fun during the AP tests. It was during the first test, AP World I believe, that Victor gave me the rock on the red string that I still have today... in fact I'm wearing it right now along with the Forsooth Fish. Victor gave it to me before the test started (at the time just letting me borrow it) so it would give me good luck on the test. Well maybe it didnt work that
well but I thought it was nice of him. Today I am taking the PSAT again in a few minutes and maybe this time it will give me more luck.
After the world test I gave it back to victor like he wanted and he gave it back to me for the APUSH one. Then, I believe, he never again got it back. I wore it for all the tests and most of everyday for the rest of the school year.
Another great memory during the test was about everything that happened in the APES test after I finished. Vince finished at about the same time I did so we decided to play a bunch of games of "Rock, Paper, Scissor(sp?)" to pass the time. The crazy thing was.... he was on the entire other side of the room. But we still played across all these people with their heads down taking the test. That was soo much fun. and when we weren't doing that me and kenny (who was sitting beside me so he would not be distracted by choy) were throwing paper
at victor and tim and the like. And we were making paper airplanes and all kinds of stuff.
Also memorable from these tests was how josh tore out a whole piece of the APELA test. I would tell you which Josh did it but... really, theres only one crazy enough so you can figure it out.

6- The day I presented my APES paper that was due near the end of the year in tenth grade.
This monster of a research paper had escaped itself from being written (for me anyway) for a very long time. The due date came and passed and I eventually decided that I needed to go ahead and turn it in since I was failing the class. Soooo, the night before we were presenting them (a few weeks after it was actually due) I wrote an amazing example of bullshit. I didn't research at all... I just made it all up. It was on Sedna (a newly discovered planet) which actually does exist but beyond that it was my own creations. And when I was getting tired of writing I inserted two pages of victors research paper (which he sent to me for format information) into the middle of mine. His was on energy or something but I didn't think Dr. Scott would notice. Then I decided that if I said all this false information during class someone may call me out on it. So that night I created a web site that actually had all of my false information on it. hehe
The day of the presentation came and I got myself ready. When it was time for me to present I asked her if I could see my paper. She looked for about 5 minutes when she said she didnt have it. I said "want me to give you another copy?" she agrees. Clever, no? kekeke
The presentation went smoothly with all my pictures on the board just like first semester. I told people about how Sedna lessened the gravitational pull of earth and thats what made the grass stand up. I also said it helped with back pain. Yeah, that was really fun. ;-)

5- The last day of school
This was a ton of fun. The only negative is that Peter was there. urghh... o well it was still awesome! We spent almost the entirety of the day in the basement of frank at the end of the hall just hanging out. The people that were there most often were me vic, lim, jennie, david, and peter. Probably some others too, i dunno. But it was crazy fun. There was warhammer (even though i dont play its kinda of interesting to watch and see how mad victor gets when i step on his units. kekeke), there was magic (I seem to remember playing against lim a bunch of times but im sure i played with vic and david too.) there was that awesome game that me and lim made up were you kick the ball back and forth across the hall and not let it get past you but you are sitting down. Kinda like soccer but with only goalies... at least i think thats how we played... well now im not so sure. o well... the point is that it was really fun. Also on this day me and vic and david played some frisbee outside. and at the end of the day me and vic stayed outside of frank talking to ms. B for about half an hour. that was funny.
Then we went to go play basketball with some people and after that which only lasted a little while me and vic hung out till about 7 sitting outside the gym talking and stuff. Then after he left I wandered around the campus knowing that this would be the last day I would be a student there. It made me very sad, I was seeing the locations of every thing happy that ever happened while I was there. Allow me to quote myself from an entry after that day...

"I ended up walking everywhere anything interesting had ever happened at that school for me. I walked across the empty frisbee field, the path to founders where me and vince saw a squirel with pizza, and of course the columns outside of Frank where we all gather every day. I also passed the vacant "off the Wall" machince, the patio thing outside founders, guy's empty classroom. It was all very emotional and symbolic. Finally at about eight o' clock I started walking home. "

Yeah, it was all pretty crazy.

4- The Halloween dance of tenth grade.
I don't know why but I had so much fun at this dance. It was one of the best times I ever had. I felt like a belonged to something and that it was truly my place to be. (keep in mind this was early in the year before I started failing.) Almost everyone who was anyone was there. DDR was going in the other room and it was just so fun going from one room to the other seeing everybody. I remember the so dubbed "Single's Couch" that me and tris would primarily sit on. With other people coming by like brian and victor. Vince tried to sit down but we shooed him away for not abiding by the rules of the couch. Also right before the dance I remember standing outside on the patio thing with lim and luke. I believe lim was waiting for jennie and me and luke just followed. It was really funny and all these crazy jokes went around. I later got praise from lim (via lj) for my comic appeal there. I remember once I started lj and saw that in his memories section. It said i was "top-notch"... so then I brought this to lims attention the day of one of the ap tests during a bathroom break (how do i remember this stuff) and he said "you are top notch." ^_^
I love having friends.

3- The day I spent ISS with Josh Spinks
I thought that ISS would kinda suck even with Josh there but I was very much mistaken. We had a great time. The coolest thing we did was take down the sign on the bathroom door that says "The Early College at Guilford - Faculty Bathroom - No Students Allowed". Then we used the computer that was in the room to print off a sign that said "The Josh and Philip at Guilford - Josh and Philip's Bathroom - No Faculty or Other Students Allowed" and used the tape from the old sign to put it on the bathroom door. We also made our own versions of the signs on the conference room door and the one in the stand out in the hallway. That was awesome.
Eventually when we were starting to wish we could go outside to enjoy the wonderfully sunny day. Sooo... we opened the window and climbed out on the ledge right above the front door of the house. We sat there for about half an hour pretending to work on environmental science vocab. But then lunch rolled around and Tony came to the room to get us. When he saw an empty room and a window ajar he got the basic idea of what happened. He came to the window and told us to "get the hell back inside"... ahh memories.
Then we went downstairs and pulled our monies together to order a pizza. While we were waiting for it to come we watched college basketball with the p.e. teacher. The pizza did eventually come and we ate it while watching tv. Then ms. B came in the room to see us eating pizza and watching tv and screamed at us saying that this was supposed to be a punishment. haha... yeah so then we went back upstairs for the last hour of the "punishment". Ms. B had a class in the next room over for some reason and we spent the final period of the day annoying her with our antics. After we left I joined up with everyone else played frisbee, then basketball. This was a great day.

2- Staying after school with victor.
Many times after basketball when everyone else went home me and victor (not having rides home since we walked/biked) would stay for quite a while longer. Most of the time we would sit right outside the gym on the benches and just talk to each other. Other things we did were play magic and throw the frisbee. It was soo much fun. We would talk about all kinds of things about our friends and all the latest gossip we knew. Throwing the frisbee around was also really fun. We played a game where if you through it to the other person and they didnt have to move their feet to catch it then you got a point. I beat victor 50-43 on the last day of school. At least I think that was the score. ahh well... it was soo cool.

1- Any sport that we would participate in throughout the year.
Hacky Sack- A great morning sport for any who cared to play. Generally the game would start with only Vince, Kenny, Tim, and I. Then it would usually end with the four of us as well. Between these two times many other people would come and leave. Many times Peter would play and stomp on the frisbee and wave his arms like a duck. It was pretty nasty but we looked past that to enjoy playing almost everyday. Every single time me and kenny would bitch up the walls with marks from our shoes and would compete for the highest and longest marks. They were all accidents though 0:-) The most exciting thing that ever happened though had to be the time kenny was going in for one of his famous "none are my feet are touching the ground but somehow i am still in the air" kicks. He shot his leg out in front of him but like always his shoes were not tied very tightly. His shoe flew off and went into the cieling. It completely destroyed a tile which fell to the ground. Wow... how cool was that...

Basketball- The best after school activity that we had in tenth grade... sportswise. The whole second half of the year people would stay every single day to play basketball in the gym. Regulars included me, vic, ronnie, kevin, andrew, joe, seth, kenny, luke, and sometimes vince. Every once in a while the freshman would stay too and we would play sophomore v. freshman which was quite entertaining. Logan and Richard were awesome and easily the best at it in their grade. Hmm, lets go to some additional memorable events. Kenny was behind the backboard one time and in a fit of rage kicked the ball into the air. It just so happened that it landed perfectly in the basket, that was cool. One thing that I really liked about the whole basketball experience was how me and victor both basicly sucked at the beginning and throughout the year we improved at more or less the same speed. So at any given time we were about the same skill level... but we were always improving.

Frisbee- Ahh what can you say about ultimate. It was the most popular sport at ecg by far. Played every single morning and during every single lunch it made for a vital part of the early college atmosphere. Would you could not escape if you didn't like it and one you couldn't get enough of if you did like it. Games would start with simple tossing between friends and would evolve into fierce Ultimate battles between enemies. For me it was something to look foward to when coming to school. And it was something to get me through english 10 because I knew that I would soon be playing frisbee. Toward the end of the year people were ordering pizza everyday so for me the lunch period almost always consisted of this... I would find someone who was buying pizza, buy a couple pieces from them then buy a drink from one of the machines. Then I would go out to the tree and sit there watching the rest play and talking to people like Kaitlin and Choy while I finished my pizza. Once done I would try to time my arrival when someone on my team had the disc and our endzone was open so i could simply walk out into the field, unguarded, and catch a point. Yummy. After school ended, we refused to give up the sport that had given us so much entertainment. Countless games were organized throughout the summer (mainly by me and vic) including the epic "night game". This was played with the light-up disc brian bought me for my going away party (which i had about three months before my going away). Every at the party signed the disc including vic, vince, lim, tim, kenny, and brian. (i hope i didnt forget someone.) Well yeah, i hope this gets the point across that frisbee was a very influential sport at our school and one of my fondest memories there.

Wow okay... you know what... all of these memories are from tenth grade. So heres what I'm going to do... I will have an additional post that has my top 7 memories from 9th grade. I know this probably won't be too interesting for most people but i enjoy writing about the best times of my life and maybe it will bring back happy memories for other people as well.

so there it is

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Been a little. [Posted on Saturday, 10/09/04 at 11:25pm]

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been so damned long since I last updated. But in reality, you gotta keep this community up and running, too!

Feel free to promote this community in all ecg alumni's comment section, or use the phoenix image [as found in my user profile] as a tag here. All ecgers (past or present) are welcome, and everyone can post as much as they want!

So on to my business ...

Concerning Movie Night - What movies would you guys like to see at upcoming movie nights?

Gimme your romances, your comedies, your tear jerkers - whatever. Lists are great.

To sirs with love,
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[Posted on Wednesday, 09/22/04 at 8:49pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Is it just me, or are Kathy and Tony not being as supportive as they've been in the past?

My freshman year, they-- especially Tony-- had so much time for us. Tony did the part of his job that involved being a participating, caring, concerned member of the community. He lost some of that intensity last year, and this year he just seems to be just another overworked employee of the school system.

One rumor I had heard floating around about Kathy was that she was so disappointed with last year's junior class that she's just turning this year's loose. That doesn't seem characteristic and really, last year's didn't seem very disappointing at all (correct me if I'm wrong). While I feel like it's valuable to get the college experience of being thrown in to see if we can swim without the support system of the high school element, I don't think that's what Early College is about. It's supposed to be a period of transition. Let's face it, I'm 16 years old, I'm still growing and learning and maturing, and I know I'm not ready to go off to college as a regular college student. Although I think there is some differentiation going on (as in, between the EC and GC experience), I don't think there's nearly enough.

The advantages to Early College are outstanding-- the college classes, the getting up at 2 pm, the freedoms, the atmosphere-- but the drawbacks are very real and staggeringly serious. The underclass element is woefully insufficient. A bigger staff would help to quell some of that problem, but the fact remains that I felt shortchanged by a lot of my underclassman education.

There's my two cents. At this point I'm just putting feelers out about the problem before I take any steps to approach Tony or Kathy or whomever I (we) deem fit. I want to know if anybody else has noticed this too.

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[Posted on Monday, 09/20/04 at 9:47pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Ah ha ha, The Early College at Guilford...

What a terrific place.

The first two years are ones of forced bonding, with class sizes and selection so small that you know and/or recognize everyone in your grade. It is this time that you make the strongest friendships (and or vendettas) and meet the most people and learn to be 'Early College.' It is in those two years that we pick up our reputation (as infamous as it may be) and get in our kooky kraziness, playing Frisbee and Magic and videogames wherever/whenever we can. It's here that we find out that there are cute girls that play videogames and like the same anime that we do. These two years mark the period where you can collectively come together to hate a faculty member or put off work collectively and have lots of company the morning-of when the paper is due. Two years of chatting all night online with an almost limitless buddylist of happiness and joy.

And then comes the College years.

Sweet Jesus on a hotplate.

Is there NOTHING to dislike about College classes??? My, my, I sure do hate having to go to class almost 4 hours three days a week, as opposed to one and a half to two the other days. The horror! And it really does suck to have at least 3 hours of free time everyday. A crying shame. Once a week homework assignments and take home tests are a pain in the butt too. Geez. And it's absurd how much stinking time for lunch! I mean, how on Earth are you supposed to use up an hour plus just eating? It's wretched I tell you. Absolutely wretched.

It's good there are no non-ECG'rs here. I'd have a lynching to run from. ^_^

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Yay for friends... and paiges wac-tacular new community [Posted on Monday, 09/20/04 at 12:01pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

This is my first post in Paige's j-awesome new community. Why did no one think of this before! Luckily the "if you went there last year" clause was there so I could join in on the fun. So what can I contribute if I don't go to early college currently... hmmm? Well... Opinion of course! There's nothing else like it.

So where should I start... lets see... let me think of something to ask myself. How about... "How do I feel towards early college after getting kicked out of it?"

One might think that after getting kicked out of something that I would no longer like it and would openly insult it. I've noticed that some others felt that way after leaving... not many, but some. Well... there is no way that feel like that. I have nothing but the utmost respect for it. I loved early college since the day I arrived. It is amazing the kind of environment that was created. It was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.

The collection of gifted students ranging from all kinds of talents is quite the interesting combination. I would have thought that this would create fierce competition making companionship harder than normal. This however, was not the case. I know that I became closer to many people at early college than I was with most of my family members. The friends I have made was the thing I liked most about early college. Maybe its the fact that they were the only thing I was left with when I had to leave. The experience sure didn't help my GPA. But I don't care... Sometimes grades aren't the most important things. I know that these friends I have will be very important people to me for the rest of my life.

I know that many people say that high school relationships (any kind) don't last much longer after school. Well... I'm going to prove that wrong. I will always have my friends.

But that takes me off topic... umm... oh wait, I forgot I didn't really even have a topic. Oh yea, that question I asked myself... So yea... I like early college.

Well thats about it for now. cya's

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I got it all done did up real nice. [Posted on Sunday, 09/19/04 at 8:19pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, guys. I got the community up (check out the awesome layout - _ecg). Now's time for you to join and then own the crap out of it.

Talk about ANYTHING: political, food-wife, ecg-wise, life-wise, color-wise, music-oriented, anything.

Get to werk!


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