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Hey, you jerks, I'm coming home for Festivus. Start commenting my crap to get my attention, and I'll try to actually hang out this time around.

This one is Zippo, and Zippo is tired of living in a fishy land of strangers. I think I'll be returning for good this summer, and may actually be able to transfer to Guilford (if they give me enough money).


For those of you that don't check your email:

There is an interest meeting for Passages tomorrow from 4:00 to 5:15 in Ms. Echols's room

(You can skip this paragraph if you read the email)
Passages, if you don't know, is an organization that will "teach" creative writing to girls in group homes, in a way that is unschool-like and basically more fun. The idea is get the girls excited about, or at least just vaguely interested in writing, as it's essential for pretty much anything they may decide to do in life. Writing will open up many opportunities in the girls' lives, if only because they will begin to realize they may have potential in something. Also, writing improves communication skills, which is something that these girls would benefit from greatly, as many of them have a lot to say, but don't know how to say it. While that may sound completely over-ambitious, the main objective is to give them a starting point to which they will actually respond.

Note: While club membership for this club is aimed primarily at Early College girls, if enough boys are really interested in something like this, I will try to open opportunities for you.
You just have to understand that a lot of these girls have been abused by men in their lives, and have a very difficult time opening up around other males.

Reading List

I think the whole school received the list - under the optional reading list is a book I reccommended (Nurtured by Love). It's a wonderful book about violin teaching, though you can apply pretty much everything he says to your life. I would give it a go if you have the time. It's just like 130 pages.

Feel free to talk about other books on this post.

P.S. - IT'S PROMOTION TIME! How about a contest? Whoever either makes the coolest banner for ECG to use as a promotion, or gets the most ecg'ers (or former ecg'ers) to join wins... something special.

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Happies: Making incessant fun of Dr. Scott, college classes being absolutely incredible, sleeping late on Fridays, classmates that care about learning, professors that care about teaching, graduation IN THE SHADE, tulip poplars in April, Guilford College just being an incredible place to be.

Crappies: Big decisions and work in the year ahead of me, losing touch with senior friends, a much bigger divide between juniors and sophomores than sophomores and freshman or juniors and seniors, really a lot less is crappy as a junior than it was as a sophomore-- there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

happy/crappy i will do it!

happies: eating lunch outside, the new piano in bryan jr., making a few new friends, when the sprinklers were on in PE, the last few days when teachers honestly didn't even pretend to teach, that bass at graduation, my frog, the macroeconomic carnival.

crappies: getting the APUSH books in may/june, always getting Cs on spanish II tests [because i SUCK], the underground, always getting to school late, i'm on probation?

i think this year has definitely been more happy than crappy. especially the last few months. i was just really content with everything.

you should participate, too. whoo!
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