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... Получилось, будто митрополит согласен с нацистской символикой...
Получилось что "митрополит согласен с нацистами" ?
На самом деле получилось что
1)нацисты согласны с митрополитами
2)Митрополитам похуй кого они ведут за собой
in every girls life there is a guy she w

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my new poem lol
it's not very good.. and it's kinda long..
but you should totally read it anyway! :)

The Unseen

Once, you told me I was beautiful. 1
I held your hand in mine,
It felt like gold.
I held your words in me head, forever repeating,
Those words were gold in me 5

I sat in front of a mirror,
I saw my reflection, then.
I didn’t believe those words you spoke,
I didn’t believe you anymore.
I felt played, those words were untrue. 10

I asked why you lied
You told me, I didn’t look deep enough,
I was beautiful on the inside.
You wouldn’t lie to me.

Now I know, Now I know, 15
What you told was true.
The love I had for you grew;
But not for the compliment you threw.
Because of what you made me see

You made me see, so much more 20
Than I could believe.
I never thought so differently.
But that was in the past.
Looks don’t last, beauty is what succeeds.

It means a lot to me; 25
What I’ve come to be.
You did this to me,
I’m so much more than was before.
It’s funny, how you can bring someone up,
But they would still be low. 30
You just don’t know.

You think you know me,
But I’m just not what you see.
I’m something you never knew.

You think I’m beautiful, I’m not 35
Inside or outside.
You still say those words to me.
But you don’t know the inside of me,
You still see the outside.

I could be a con-man 40
With the person I pretend to be.
It’s dark on the inside
Hateful, criticizing, unclean, mean

I wish I could show you
Just so you know 45
Just how I’m not what I seem.
I’m afraid you’ll go
You want my “beautiful soul”
It’s not there, and soon you’ll know.

I tried to change, I really did 50
But don’t you see?
I’m just me.
Don’t let your love go to waste
On a loser like me.
You don’t want just anyone 55
To hold.
You’re too bold.

But I am “just anyone”
There’s nothing special here
Soon you’ll know, 60
The Beast inside me.
It won’t leave, I’m contaminated.

I’m not like you,
You’ve got the beautiful soul.
You’ve got the control. 65
Where did I go right?

You found me
The real me, the inside me
You stuck by me.
How come I’ve got you? 70

You still think I’m great,
You’re perfect.
You broke through,
All of my confusion.
Now I can feel Beautiful, 75
Standing next to you.
I’ll stand by you. 77
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"A man or woman sunk in dreams that cannot be spoken, about a life they do not possess, comes suddenly to a door in the wall. They open it. Beyond the door is that life and a man or woman to whom it is already natural. It may not be possesions they want, it may very well be the lack of them, but the secret life is suddenly revealed. This is thier true home and this is their beloved.
" I may be cynical when i say that very rarely is the beloved more than a shaping spirit for the lover's dreams. And perhaps such a thing is enough. To be a muse may be enough. The pain is when the dreams change, as they do, as they must. Suddenly the enchanted city fades and you are left alone again in the windy desert. As for your beloved, she didn't understand you. The truth is, you never understood yourself."
"Lies 1: There is only the present and nothing to remember.
Lies 2: Time is a straight line.
Lies 3: The difference between the past and the future is that one has happened while the other has not.
Lies 4: We can only be in one place at a time.
Lies 5: Any proposition that contains the word 'finite'(the world, the universe, experience, ourselves...)
Lies 6: Reality as something that can be agreed upon.
Lies 7: Reality as truth."

Excepts from "Sexing the cherry". In total aggreement with both.

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Ok a few things....
a.) I hope joe pretty cuts his manhood off one night when he's playing around with that knife of his.
b.) Hse is an effin bitch and i do not need her.She can start all the shit she wants because i'm better than that. if she wantys to lie and write fake notes then let her but i won't resort to that. I know how to show that little thing called respect.
sexy beasts


im sorry im posting this cuz i feel like im bitching but i need to let some stuff out....

i dont want the guys i can have.

i cant have the guys i want.

i havent had a boy friend in almost a year. i got pretty close to this one guy and he led me on and blah blah blah and would always tell me how much he liked me but he wouldnt ask me out. so i ask his friend who im really cool with, and as a friend he told me carlos wouldnt ask me out cuz of my hair and that he would be ashamed to be seen with me in public and introduce me to family and whatnot.

ok. im done. ill shut up....
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teh newbie

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Letter to you.
Hello darling; I miss you. I've heard that you're hurting a lot lately. I've heard that you want to die; end your life. I've heard that you're willing to do whatever it takes to stop the pain; to stop feeling.

Knowing this makes me sad; and cry. I want you to be happy; more then anything. You deserve it so much. You're one of the best people out there; there's no body like you.

To hear that you're talking about doing drugs; talking about drinking; talking about leaving. Scares me so much; because I know that eventually you will give in and do these things.

I wish I could make you see how wonderful of a person you are; but no matter how hard I try; you find the negative.

I love you so much; I want you to get better; and unfortunately distance is keeping us apart; and not being able to hold you hurts so much.

All I really want is for you to be happy; but even if you cant be; please do me one favour.

Take the time to remember me.

I love you.

xo [teh ashies]

Dear Some Boy,

I'm too shy to go up to you and say hi. I watch your life pass by like the blood in my veins, wondering how you've been, are you ok?I'd tell you that I pray every day just hoping everything is ok. For this is a letter that will not be read by the reader that it was ment to send. But you wouldn't care to read it beacuse I'm jsut a girl living a reality world, where everyone is cruel and everything is full of hate, this is no victory in heartbreak.

xoxo</3~Some Girl (this letter sucked, comments please, thankyou)
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in every girls life there is a guy she w

i wrote a new peom

i've got a poem for yall. tell me if it's good.
i wrote it like a while ago... when i kinda hated poetry lol. it's not really about anyone. there's someone in mind.. that i could use it for... but this is way to like stalker for that person. lol. i didn't even realize i was writing a peom. it was weird. and i know you're thinking. how do you not know you're writing a poem faggot. but i was just in lala land. :)
read and review :)
I can't keep it hidden forever,
someone's bound to find out.
every moment it creeps closer to the surface,
a secret that shall soon be out.
You are my love,
ther is no escape.
i can't live without you.
why don't i tell you,
you mean everything to me
you are perfect
in so many ways
why do i taunt myself
and never say a word
why don't i tell you
that you are my world

OK .. that's it. :) comment please ;)

Ps: guess who is gettign their grass cut!!!:):):)
lol "i've waited so long for this moment:) haha"
now i dont have to be embarressed to go into my driveway


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