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01; Name/Age/Location: Lauren/20/Daphne,Alabama,(it isn't all bad).
02; 5 favorite bands and/or musical artists: The Beatles, Siqor Ro's, The Ramones, The Killers, Weezer...I enjoy a broad variety.
03; 4 favorite movies and/or plays: Arizona Dream (movie), Barefoot in the Park (play, Niel Simon, Ichi the Killer (Japanese movie), Napoleon Dynamite (movie...everybody knows that though).
04; 3 favorite books: Perks to being a Wallflower, Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, The Giver, OH! and I am reading House of Leaves, it is really genius.
05; 2 things you want to do before you die: I want to travel to other countries. I would like to write a book.
06; 1 thing you love: The feeling I get when I do something really nice.
07; 1 thing you hate: The feeling called anger.
08; List a few of your hobbies: I enjoy writing, reading, going to the bay, stretching, getting high, shopping for facial stuff, going out and finding an adventure.
09; Any special talents: I am bad at saying what I am good at, but I guess my talents would include writing, and uh singing, I am good at solving problems.
10; Here's where we left space for you to kiss mod ass: They are all very attractive, and have very nice photos...****kiss ass kiss ass kiss ass****.
11; How did you hear about _eatmeup: I just happened upon it here.
12; Links to promotions you made (2 communities or 4 lj users):
13; Post a minimum of 4 clear pictures of yourself.
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