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Scenes of a Sexual Nature...animated

The lovely tinymoonstar posted caps of a clip from Scenes of a Sexual Nature yesterday, and being the procrastinator I am I decided to make gifs...

They're big (ie dialuppers, go get yourselves a sandwich). :D

Here's a link to my post on the Playground.

( What's this? A fake cut? Yup. )

Hope someone can upload a clip with audio soon, but until then, these will have to do! :D
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Becoming Obi-wan

I hope that no one has posted this but this is a video on Starwars.com called "Becoming Obi-wan" It's really interesting how they are making Ewan look exactly like Alec Guiness and how wonderful his acting is! Check it out!

and photobucket was being mean shrinking all my wall papers so I'll send you guys to this one...
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Ok this is a video I made for a friend a couple of months ago, but finally got the last clip today. She gave me a rough outline and the idea she wanted and I put it together. So its a creative team effort.I thought I would share it.

Just click on the link to DL off a yousendit link. It will only be active for about a week. If you cant DL it tell me and I will send it to you.

Song: Wire by Third Day DOWNLOAD HERE

Hope you like it.

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The Island international trailer online

The internation trailer for The Island is available at apple.com. There are enough new shots to make it worth checking out.

You can only view the full size version of the trailer if you have iTunes. Fortunately, the large version is pretty good. b_icon_smile.gif

I love my iTunes! OMG! IT SHOWS THE TWO EWANS!  I cant wait for this movie!
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