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hi ! I'm newer ^^ I don't know if you've seen them before ... I've some pics of the movie "the island" I don't know how to make an lj cut ... so I've posted them in small size and you can click on it to have the larger version ... if someone could help me about live journal "code" or how can I add a blend beyond the tittle of  my lj..etc..this someone will be so nice !!!!! )

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excuse me if this post take a lot of space .. hope you're understand my english ..^^ be indulgent^^ lol

wallpaper at my Lj ... (1024x768).. 



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The Island international trailer online

The internation trailer for The Island is available at apple.com. There are enough new shots to make it worth checking out.

You can only view the full size version of the trailer if you have iTunes. Fortunately, the large version is pretty good. b_icon_smile.gif

I love my iTunes! OMG! IT SHOWS THE TWO EWANS!  I cant wait for this movie!
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