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Dance with me

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Hey guys!

Last night was my high school's homecoming dance, and our theme was "Opening Night, as in movie premiers and such. So on the inside, there were a bunch of posters from various movies that came out this year.

And there was a Robot's poster. ^__^

So after the dance was over, one of my best friend's mom *who was the 'head-honcho' of the dance* said I could take whatever poster*s* i wanted.

So I took the Robot's poster.

Would anyone else have done the same, although it only has a picture of Rodney and Ewan's name in small letters at the top?

Hehe. ^__^ It's hanging above my bed now.
The Doctor - Geek! <3

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^_^ I stayed up until the crack of dawn making animated icons, including the one I'm using. :D I could make some more if anyone likes... But don't expect me to get it done quickly because I'll have to work on homework and projects, etc... Well, I hope you like it! ^^

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