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Dance with me

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Hey guys!

Last night was my high school's homecoming dance, and our theme was "Opening Night, as in movie premiers and such. So on the inside, there were a bunch of posters from various movies that came out this year.

And there was a Robot's poster. ^__^

So after the dance was over, one of my best friend's mom *who was the 'head-honcho' of the dance* said I could take whatever poster*s* i wanted.

So I took the Robot's poster.

Would anyone else have done the same, although it only has a picture of Rodney and Ewan's name in small letters at the top?

Hehe. ^__^ It's hanging above my bed now.

A little something for you on Halloween...

Ok, I know it's not Halloween yet. But Monday is now my official 'squee like a fangirl over RotS on dvd' day, and this gives you time to go track down what I'm about to post about.

Over at Gonzagabulletin.com, Ann Foreyt lists her top five Halloween movies everyone hasn't already seen (see the article here). Shallow Grave is at number four, mainly thanks to the presence of a young Ewan McGregor. If you haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend it. If you haven't seen it for ages, why not dig up a copy? (pun intended, sorry) It's slick, darkly funny and endlessly quotable. It's also where the Ewan obsession started for me, so here's a little something with an Alex Law theme.

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AJ (who lost her heart to Alex Law a decade ago)
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the island

hi ! I'm newer ^^ I don't know if you've seen them before ... I've some pics of the movie "the island" I don't know how to make an lj cut ... so I've posted them in small size and you can click on it to have the larger version ... if someone could help me about live journal "code" or how can I add a blend beyond the tittle of  my lj..etc..this someone will be so nice !!!!! )

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excuse me if this post take a lot of space .. hope you're understand my english ..^^ be indulgent^^ lol

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