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Posting late here, early there... oh the time zones!!!!

So ONE day... just UNO... so for this last post of my countdown to ROTS...

i give you my favorite ROTS Obi-Wan pic...

a gem i hope you'll agree...

and if i were your Padawan, oh Master Obi, i would never betray you,


no other, just ONE...

*leaves discreetly and shuts the light, teary-eyed*
Sailor Mercury aka Mizuno Ami

Becoming Obi-wan

I hope that no one has posted this but this is a video on Starwars.com called "Becoming Obi-wan" It's really interesting how they are making Ewan look exactly like Alec Guiness and how wonderful his acting is! Check it out!

and photobucket was being mean shrinking all my wall papers so I'll send you guys to this one...
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