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Casting News

This story is pretty much everywhere, but thought I'd share it here in case anyone hadn't seen it. Ewan has just been cast alongside Hugh Jackman in The Tourist. Full story is here. Looks interesting whatever that reviewer says. The comments are fun.

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Upcoming Film Alert

Might want to watch out for this upcoming film.

Weinstein Co's feature adaptation of "Stormbreaker" (as in the best-selling Alex Rider novel) ... Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke, Bill Nighy, Sophie Okonedo and young Alex Pettyfer also star.

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IMDB page here

Oh, and an extra snippet:

Empire is celebrating its 200th issue, and they've made a list of the 200 things that rocked their world since the first issue. Number 73 is some bloke called Ewan. It only lists some of his films and has a picture, but just thought I'd mention it.
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i'm not sure if this has been mentioned but...

i picked up a magazine at barnes and noble which is apparantly from england. it has a one page article and a huge full page picture of ewan on his motorcycle all hot and scruffy...the magazine is called "bike" the november 2005 issue...he also happens to be on the cover, a full cover black and white picture. though i am partial to the inside picture :)
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Only my boyfriend would call me and let me know that Ewan McGregor is on TV.

He's the best... my boyfriend, not Ewan McGregor... who am I kidding, Ewan McGregor is a close second...

anyways, for those of you in Canada or the USA, Long way round is showing on TBS.

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IMDB is the cooliest thing ever..i am an addict

Stars Offer Budget Acting Class

[picture of Ewan Here....] Ewan McGregor, Patrick Stewart and Imelda Staunton are offering drama classes to aspiring actors for the bargain price of $68 a session. The generous actors are taking part in Britain's innovative Film Lab project at London's prestigious Actor's Centre in a bid to help wannabe stars emulate their Hollywood success. And the centre is bracing itself for the rush. The Actors Centre artistic director Matthew Lloyd says, "In the States, a lot of actors take classes on a regular basis, but the unique feature of Film Lab is that people will not be selected by only those who can pay. The course will run for 12 months and we will be able to use the performers when they're available. We'll fit in with their diaries."
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Flora Plum?

A short blurb in a recent Jodie Foster interview...in case anyone was at all curious...

Instead, Foster has transitioned to other aspects of filmmaking, including producing and directing. Over the past seven years, she has struggled to bring her most personal project to the screen, "Flora Plum," about a young girl who joins the circus in the 1930's. Stars including Ewan McGregor, Claire Danes, Meryl Streep and Russell Crowe have all been linked to the project at one point or another.

"I don't know that it's going anywhere any time soon," says a slightly dejected Foster. "[It will take] time, and just total tenacity."

For now, Foster is putting "Plum" on the shelf as she puts together her next directorial work, a part that will re-team her with "Taxi Driver" co-star Robert De Niro. The story, with the working title "Sugarland," is about migrant Jamaican canefield workers.


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Hope dangles on a string, like slow spinning redemption...

Some articles about Ewan with links back to the original articles(don't know if that's allowed, butI'll try it anyway!)

IOL:Breaking News ==========================

 15:27:02 - 11/07/2005 : McGregor struggling to give up cigarettes

Ewan McGregor's ambitious 2004 motorbike trek has had one major negative effect on his life - he's started smoking again. The Scottish actor had given up nicotine a year before he set off on his famous tour through Europe, Russia, Mongolia and North America, but now he can't get enough. McGregor, who has overcome his dangerous love of booze, says: "Someone was rolling a cigarette and said, 'Do you want a roll-up?' Out of the blue, I thought, 'F**k yeah!'

"I was obsessed with smoking again, to the point where I couldn't think about anything else. "I love smoking, and that's the trouble. I can be in a pub now with people drinking and not think about it, but if I smell a cigarette, I'm like, 'F**king hell.'"


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