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As an introduction, I suppose, some icons. :)

[2]Ewan McGregor
[3]Ioan Gruffudd
[4]Robert Pattinson
[3]Keira Knightley
[1]King Arthur
[3]Harry Potter
[1]Star Wars
[8]Big Fish

Color Bars
[1]Hayden Christensen
[1]Big Fish - Edward Bloom
[2]Dave Matthews Band (#41 and Say Goodbye)
[2]Switchfoot (Nothing is Sound and Dare You To Move)

At my icon journal.

I've been looking for a place to post Ewan icons for a long time. At last I can do so. And even more than that. ;) Anyway, if you're looking for more Ewan icons, feel free to glance through my icon journal, they're quite a few, including and Ewan alphabet. :) Looking forward to seeing some lovely Ewan filled entries. :)

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Hey people! I just realized I've been a member here for like... a few days... and I forgot to post an intro thing. D: Slap me if you want. XD I'll post one now.

Anyway. I'm Carly. Or Cabby. Either's good with me, really. I'm 13 and have been Ewan-obsessed since... last March, I guess? Yeah. The first movie of his that I saw was Moulin Rouge (lmao I'm cliche), which still remains one of my favourite movies ever to date, but I'm also permanently drooling over Down With Love, Shallow Grave, Nightwatch, Big Fish, The Island, and Velvet Goldmine. Still not allowed to see Trainspotting because my parents are paranoid, even though I've read the book. o.o Whatever. xD

So yeah, that's about it. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. And this looks like a really well-maintained community too. :O
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Helloooo everybody! -waves- I'm Rachel, or Luna; whichever you prefer. I'm a new member, but definitely not a new Ewan fan. Well, I mean, I'm only fourteen, so it hasn't been that long. Anyway! My favorite Ewan-movie is Shallow Grave, which just happens to be my favorite movie ever, as well. :D Hooray!

Wellll. I look forward to... um, things. Or something. -blissful grin-

Oh, P.S. - I also like Panic! At the Disco and Dane Cook. ;D
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holy crap

hey im SOOOOO glad i found this community! Ewan is my most favorite actor ever. im a little less agressive about it now than i was in hgh school (my lisence plate says EWANLVR) but i still adore him to no end. alot of people i meet dont know the greatness, and talent of Mr. McGregor..and its so great to find people who love him and his movies just as much as i do. ive seen 20 of his 35 already released movies, and cant even start to picka favorite. =P anyway i just thought id say hi!!!

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