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a year ago today...

it was a WHOLE year ago today
that i met ewan mcgregor
it was so awesome
i cried

my boyfriend reminded my off this today
also very pissed that i didnt remember

i met him at the long way round book signing in glasgow
was awesome
just thought id share
x x x
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Ok, this isn't the most interesting post ever, but I just thought I'd share.

I was talking to my friend Gemma today and she just casually mentions in conversation "Oh, Ewan McGregor, I met him once." *GASP AND LOUD ENQUIRY FROM ME* Apparantly she LITERALLY bumped into him at a Stereophonics concert! Abs of steel, she said!! Well gosh. Why did she never mention this before?? If it happened to me I'd never shut up about it.

So... to make this a BIT more interesting...

Time to share experiences! Have you ever met our man?


Hey guys, i just found this awesome site and just had to join. I am one of many Ewan adoring fans. I just wanted to tell you guys that I was actually able to meet Ewan at my school!!!! I attaned CSUN, and on my way home, I saw Ewan at his foto shoot on campus. I was just stunned by how gorgeous he is!!!! Before he left I got a hug from him! he smells good too. *sigh* For more info I wrote it on my lj..here is the post Collapse )