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woohoo! Star Wars comes out tomarrow! *dances* lol

haha I'm here to talk about my Halloween costume though... I'm being a "Jedi" and I have this little tiny lightsaber thing... its really and M&M mini bottle with a lightsaber type like thing on it haha its sexy! It lights up to and my friend Brad was shaking his head and laughing at me...well I stole his pants so its all good! woohoo!

A little something for you on Halloween...

Ok, I know it's not Halloween yet. But Monday is now my official 'squee like a fangirl over RotS on dvd' day, and this gives you time to go track down what I'm about to post about.

Over at Gonzagabulletin.com, Ann Foreyt lists her top five Halloween movies everyone hasn't already seen (see the article here). Shallow Grave is at number four, mainly thanks to the presence of a young Ewan McGregor. If you haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend it. If you haven't seen it for ages, why not dig up a copy? (pun intended, sorry) It's slick, darkly funny and endlessly quotable. It's also where the Ewan obsession started for me, so here's a little something with an Alex Law theme.

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AJ (who lost her heart to Alex Law a decade ago)
oo purpleness


OO ok I know this isnt about Ewan...but it kinda does haha

DOes anyone know a good place to get a Jedi Halloween costume? I really cant find one... I looked at Halloween USA and all that other stuff but I just cant find a good one thats withing my budget... I did find alot of lightsabers though O.O

... I<3 Ewan