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Hey everyone! I posted here a few months back asking if you knew of any way of ensuring I booked 'Guys & Dolls' tickets on a night when Ewan was in it. Well, I took a chance and last night I saw it, and he was in it! Allelujah! I had a great time, it was a surreal but brilliant experience. I was also in the crowd which followed him as he drove out of the theatre on his motorbike (sorry Ewan, feel a bit guilty about that... =/ ). Man, I love him even more now. **sigh**
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Guys and Dolls form letters

As you know, Ewan fans from far and wide are banding together to get the Guys and Dolls CD made! (See here for more info.)

So, I have written up two generic letters requesting the release of a CD (or DVD) just in case anyone is too busy to write one, or doesn't want to. I hope this makes it as easy as possible for everyone to participate in this. There is a picture of dice on each letter, so they are ready to send!!



Feel free to send the letter as is, or change anything on these letters that you wish! :) They're merely meant to help you if you don't know where to start writing or need a sample.

According to my post office, it costs $0.80 to send a letter from California to London, and $1.60 to send a letter + dice.

Between October 23 and October 29, send your letters to
Piccadilly Theatre
16 Denman Street,
London W1D 7DY

(maybe even send some on behalf of friends and family, with their permission of course!!)

Remember, we want YOU to help! It only takes a second to print and mail the letter!
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Guys & Dolls

Hello fellow Ewanites,

I just wanted to enquire as to whether any of you who have seen Guys and Dolls did so by buying front row tickets on the day?

I phoned the theatre just now, and they said there are front row tickets available every day, but you have to get there early cos people bitch fight over being mere feet away from the sex god. Have any of you done this? I don't want to go all the way to London, only to find that all that day's tickets went at 4am. (I know they don't go on sale til 10, but you get the idea.)

Also: does anyone have any idea on when Ewan is NOT performing? Or any links to where I can find out? I think I'll probably be going to a matinee in the school half term, and I'm worried Ewan might have time off to spend with his girls. I think I'd die if it was his understudy.

And: does anyone who has been know how close the front row is to the stage, and if it's too close to see over it? I'd have to bring a stack of phone books to sit on XD.


Thanks, guys (and dolls! *pun*).

Please help urgently- Ewan's 'Guys & Dolls' appearances

Hey, this is a long shot but I was wondering if any of you have any idea when Ewan is/isn't appearing in 'Guys And Dolls'. I know he finishes in December, but obviously he must have breaks between now and then; do you know when they are? I REALLY want to see the show but it'd be crap if I paid for a ticket, turned up and then he wasn't doing it that evening! Are there any days of the week that he regularly rests on? And do you think it would be worth my ringing the theatre?

Please help! =D