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A little something for you on Halloween...

Ok, I know it's not Halloween yet. But Monday is now my official 'squee like a fangirl over RotS on dvd' day, and this gives you time to go track down what I'm about to post about.

Over at Gonzagabulletin.com, Ann Foreyt lists her top five Halloween movies everyone hasn't already seen (see the article here). Shallow Grave is at number four, mainly thanks to the presence of a young Ewan McGregor. If you haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend it. If you haven't seen it for ages, why not dig up a copy? (pun intended, sorry) It's slick, darkly funny and endlessly quotable. It's also where the Ewan obsession started for me, so here's a little something with an Alex Law theme.

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AJ (who lost her heart to Alex Law a decade ago)

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I posted this at ewan_playground and then mad_at_gravity wanted me to send this here for yall. So here it is, Enjoy!

I thought Id send this to my lj and ewan_playground since it has to do with the wonderful Scot Ewan Mcgregor and I enclosed a crapload of screencaps for the awesome people at the community to enjoy :) So here it is:

My good friend, Elizabeth and I had a rockn Ewanathon last night. She came over around 530 and we went til 4am. We had six movies we were determined to watch. We watched all but one, and that was Moulin Rouge! Although it is the ultimate Ewan movie, both of us had seen it several HUNDRED times and own it, so we figured it wasnt a big loss. The other five were:

  1. Down with Love

  2. Shallow Grave

  3. A Life Less Ordinary

  4. Trainspotting

  5. Velvet Goldmine

I had seen Velvet Goldmine once before, but I forgot how incredibly SEXY Ewan is in this movie. OMFG was he HOT! I was shocked. I must buy this movie ASAP. To see just how fucking ORGASMIC he was, heres a link to two rockn scenes he performed. They are the 3rd and 4th music videos down (Tv Eye and Gimme Danger) Guh!

**Dial-up users Beware!!**

**May Contain Spoilers!!**

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