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NEWBIE but i brought gifts

Hello, im a new Ewan fan.  I saw him in The Island and thought he was pretty awsome.  Then i saw Moulin Rouge! and I absolutly fell in love with him... I love how he sings and hes an amzing actor.  Amazing.  Moulin Rouge! makes me cry everytime.  Um, I don't know what else to write but i found some pictures of Ewan as a teenager i think in school...



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Which one would you take, Nick Leeson (Rogue Trader) or Dean Raymond (Blue Juice)? :D

Hi! I'm not that new here, but this is my first posting, so be kind ;D
So, i'm madly in love with Ewan, of course ;) I've seen 13 Ewan-movies so far, and it's really hard to try and find more of them around here - I live in Finland... But Ewan is worth all that time and money :D
Have you written a letter (or more) to our boy? ...or his mother, if I now remember correct? ;)

These pics are my Ewan-favourites, i bet that many of these have been posted to this community before, but i'm not sure which ones, so... sorry ;(

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