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~♥~ Ewan Worldwide Appreciation Network ~♥~


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Ewan Worldwide Appreciation Network
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Also, if you are unsure as to how to post in the community,
press Ewan's buttons in the picture below ;)
Happy posting

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Created and run by mad_at_gravity
To contact me, email me at:


or you can alternatively post on my journal.

More Mods: - elyim, pennilesspoet17, gonewithoutjam,
hannahclarke, ewanaddict & itarilleancalim

A home for all those Ewan McGregor loving people, who wish to show their appreciation, love, adoration, respect, or just some pure hot lusting!

Feel free to post anything! Post news articles, gossip, pictures, film info, apperances, icons, backgrounds, wallpapers, colourbars, themes, stories, links to fanfic(no full length posts), fanart, ask questions, mention your new Moulin Rouge poster, results in a love/compatability quiz etc etc...feel free to do anything Ewan related (within reason, not TOO many quiz results in one post, or no post-whoring). ;D

Adult orientated and large pictures must be under a cut or they shall be removed without warning. Big pictures that do not destort the page size, i shall consider ok...i think ;D
Also, it is advised to upload pictures onto your own webspace, please don't hotlink...you know the drill; right click/save, upload then post...
But i aint a tyrant...*blinks* i may overlook some things if needs be. But be warned.


See The Internet Movie Database

Ewan McGregor movies are Love.

Ewan and Johnny are LOVE

Brian Slade and Curt Wild are true love

Curt Wild is hot love

Ewan McGregor is love <3

Ewan McGregor is Orgasmic Love
Made by yelliandewan

Ewan McGregor is Scottish Sex Love

Obi-Wan Kenobi is Love

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made by alleigh

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Ewan McGregor is Smokin’ Hott and Scottish Love

made by an_evil_gerbil

If you want a fansite linking here, or a community or Ewan-related journal, just ask me, i dont bite(usually)...also, if you have any aflliate banners you may want me to use or link to or...etc, like i say, im just an email away! heh

But i must make a quick note, no openly-whoring your own community or another community, by all means send me an email or make a comment and ask for affiliates but please, no posts telling/asking people to join. (Don't worry, i used to do it myself but i got my wrist severely slapped for it...lol)


Long Way Round ~ longwayround.com
IMDB ~ Ewan's Page
Fansite ~ ewanmcgregor.net
Daily News ~ ewan.pitas.com
Films, Books & Merchandise ~ here at amazon.co.uk or amazon.com

~ ~ Make Poverty History ~

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_moulinrouge - You like Moulin Rouge? Have fun, go mad.
briancurt - Absolutely anything brian/curt or curt/brian oriented, from fanfic to icons.
colin_latest -
ethereal_nicole - Pics, news etc and anything Nicole Kidman related.
ewanmcgregorfan - Does what it says on the tin.
ewan_playground - Ewan picture community, a lucious picture with every post.
island_sex - The only place where Ewan on Ewan is even feasible.
jamesb_fans - Anything James Blunt goes...
long_way_round - Discuss stuff about the show, the trip and about the boys.
nic_fans - Everything Nicole Kidman : discussion, challenges and more.
velvet_goldmine - Anything Velvet, Glam or shiny goes.

Press for more Ewan links

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And if by some chance you want to promote this community,
feel free to use some of these banners/member icons, FOUND HERE
kindly supplied by:
alleigh, spacequeen, hannahclarke, satine901
and myself..
(if you have any you wish to be added here,
just email me with them.)

DICLAIMER: I do not profess to know or associate with Ewan McGregor in any shape form or description, i have no contact with him or any of his relations and neither does this community. Any opinions, pictures, links to other sites etc which may be posted here are opinions and responsibility of those who post it, not by me or any official business to do with Ewan himself. Thank You.

If you want to write to him, please write c/o his agent:

Ewan McGregor
Drury House
34-43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA

(Include an A4 (US-letter) self-addressed envelope.)

Ew've been Warned!

Ew've been weighed, Ew've been measured and Ew've been found wanting.

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