May 17th, 2005

  • elyim

I just got home from the Star Wars Day...

It was FABULOUS! Ewan was at the premiere! I was so not expecting him to be because of the whole Guys and Dolls thing. He looked so pretty, as always. He didn't come into our cinema though, but George Lucas, Ian McDiarmud and Hayden Christensen did!

RotS was AMAZING. Like awesome aweseome aweseome and I can't wait to see it again tomorrow at the midnight showing! (Another very late night :P) Obi-Wan was LOVELY in it and...just... omg *sobs*.

( Fake cut to a summary of the day in my LJ)) No spoilers or photos yet. Will make a spoilerific post about it this evening (warned and cut, obviously) and a photo post too if my friend emails me her pics (my camera died!).