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Quoted from this article:

"...big travelling exhibition which is going to go around Canada showing off Scottish icons (a pair of Ewan McGregor's underpants, a first edition of Ian Rankin's debut novel and the skirt/kilt which Jack wore to great effect at Tartan Day in New York several years ago). Apparently the main exhibit is going to be a stuffed version of Dolly the Sheep."

Whilst I'm left wondering if this little selection doesn't form a rather shocking underestimation of the wonders of modern Scotland, I can't help but feel a little bit happy that Ewan's pants (and what sadly won't be in them whilst they are being exhibited) are a Scottish icon. Just thought I'd share.

Just a little reminder that you're more than welcome to post anything at all related to Ewan on this community. It doesn't have to be pictures. You can also post news articles, gossip, film info, appearances, icons, backgrounds, wallpapers, colourbars, themes, stories, links to fanfic (no full length posts), fanart, ask questions, mention your new Moulin Rouge poster, results in a love/compatability quiz etc etc...feel free to do anything Ewan related (within reason, not TOO many quiz results in one post, or no post-whoring). I know there's some fantastic artists, photoshoppers, writers etc out there; don't be shy about sharing your talents. Likewise, if you've found a story or an article that you haven't seen mentioned, please share it.


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