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aw, fuck it, here's your love song

its the best i could do without saying i love...

Dyke Rawk
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lesbian musicians are love

I wanted to make a community that was strictly based on lesbian musicians. If these artists are not lesbians themselves they are at least gay friendly. Feel free to post about any female musician and tell us why you like her. I would love to promote local artists in all areas or even you if you are a rocker! Trading of music is encouraged along with making new friends. So join now and lets have some fun!!


1. Be friendly. No bashing, no insults, etc. Basically if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it all.
2. This is an open community but you must be a member to post or comment.
3. You may post pictures of yourself or of female artists. All I ask is that you keep it within the limits of good taste. Large pictures should be behind an lj cut.
4. Self promotion is encouraged. Banners, ads, etc are alright. You may advertise relevant communities.
5. You don't have to be gay or bi to join. However, no dudes allowed. Sorry, boys.
6. Tell your friends.

This community is moderated by mister_fister