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my dreams are becoming more clear, i can almost not tell the difference between life and dreams.
i fear that i will get stuck in another dream, never to get out.

"i sleep i sleep until the day, then my mind floats away, back to earth when all is dark, go to sleep in a park.” said the girl with blue hair. (Mindless Rambles of The Clinically Sane -by Mylen Evans)
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hey everyone I am cynthia, 19 .. awake... anyone want to chat... check my info.. btew I am drunk as hell right now... and i need a friend reply a/s/ap if you like me once you check my info.. k?? peace and love, me
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she likes me

i dream of death. only to know it will never come.

know matter whow long she looks she will never know it was in her hand from the start.
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I am officially a new member.

Hey, my name is Meghan, and this is my first post so I'm going to share one of my dreams with you.

I dream that people will learn to respect other's differences. Differences are what makes people unique and beautiful and special. I dream that bigotry is a thing of the past and everyone can accept and tolerate everyone else, no matter their skin, place of birth, sexual orientation, parental status, marital status, social status... some people really need to realize that a person is a person. If you think you're entitled to have a good life, every other person in the world is entitled to having a good life too.

I dream for respect.

I have little hope in this dream of becoming a reality, which is a sad fact, but it's still nice to think of a world where every good person is accepted. I have many other dreams, which I'll share later, but I think this is a fine first post.

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today sucked we had a pep rally
and i had to be in it
b/c im on the volleyball team
the only cool thing about the "pep" rally
was the sumo wrestling

..dreaming for life to get better.......
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my dying dreams

Hello all. I just joined. This community sounds awesome.

My dying dream is for people to realize that, whether or not God exsists, this earth does exsist and we are all not that different no matter what our ethnic backgrounds are. we all have hard times and we all need each other to get us though. I wish people would start caring more about the earth because we only have one and to stop killing each other and animals. To stop polluting our oceans, seas, lakes. To stop using corperations to kill poor animals for their skins. (If you hunt it and stuff you can wear it other wise its wrong). I wish people would stop telling other people how to live. What is right for me and my future children may not be right for you and yours but at least give me the chance to choose what I want to teach them and how I want to see the world.

I wish for ever lasting peace, even though that will probably never happen, I wish it would. My dream is for people to realize where they are wronged and to also realize peaceful assembly isn't working. No one is listening to us anymore.

I wish teens would be more aware of whats going on in their world instead of petty issues that wont matter in a few days. Not to waste their time on something like which actors will marry whom.

I just wish that others would realize everyone has their own goals and their own personal beliefs and to not drag someone down for it.

I wish people would give me hope for the future. For me, my children, my grandchildren and yours.

Those are my dying dreams...

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my dream

all i do is dream at night, about the day that just went on, about the things that i had done, about the things that i did wrong, about the way that things could have gone.

i am plagued with this notion that i may have forgotten, to not act so rotten, like the ones i have seen before, like the dead ones on the floor.

i wish the games to end, and never start again. <<-- This is my dying dream.
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